Different types of mastiff breeds

Mastiffs are breeds of dogs. There are so many different types of mastiff breeds that we can choose from if we want to own one. Below are the different types of mastiff breeds you might want to know about:

Alpine Mastiff – Now known to be an extinct Molosser dog breed. It is the same as the Couchez that are the modern mastiffs of today. These dogs have been bred since the early 1900s. There are no pure Alpine Mastiffs these days. Some only have a percentage of the Alpine breed in their ancestors.

American Mastiff: This breed is generated just 20 years ago by a dog breeder named Fredericka Wagner. The breeder crossed an English Mastiff with the Anatolian Mastiff. The result became what we now call the American Mastiff.

Anatolian Mastiff – This breed comes from Anatolia in Turkey. They are known as watchdogs. People love having these types of mastiffs because they are very loyal to their owners.

Bullmastiff – Known to be a very powerful dog. It is a breed between the Old English Bulldog and the English Mastiff. They are often used as house guards. It serves as a good family pet because of its protective instinct. They also have a terrifying appearance that makes them look like real guards.

Cane Corso – This is a type of Italian Molosser that is used for athletics. You can get acquainted with this breed during animal sports competitions. Unlike the other mastiffs, these are more tame and calm which makes them easier to train.

Cuban Mastiff: this breed is generated in Cuba. It is another extinct breed of dog. Often used in ancient times as fighting dogs. They are known to be strong and robust.

English Mastiff – This is a breed that comes from England. It usually has a broad body with a huge skull. The English keep these dogs in their houses to serve as their guards. They also make good pets because they are very loyal to their owners.

German Mastiff – This is also known as the Great Dane dog. It looks like a Dalmatian from its back and its color stained white. They are giant dogs although they are very charming and domesticated. They are usually just household pets, but they can also make a perfect watchdog.

Japanese Mastiff – The Japanese call it the Tosa dog. It is bred by Japanese breeders. They are fighting dogs that are known to be robust and strong. Like other mastiffs, they are also huge with a wide body.

Korean Mastiff – Koreans call this type of dog Dosa gae. They come from the European and Asian races. They were first introduced in the early 19th century, where they were used as house guards.

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