Dog Potty Training – Steps Involved In House Training A Dog

House training a dog or potty training is the first lesson in dog training. You can’t predict when a dog will need to poo, so what are the steps you can take to make sure the dog doesn’t develop a habit of urinating or pooping in the house? This should be taught from the moment the puppy arrives at his home, and not later.

A puppy’s potty training program begins around 6 to 8 weeks of age. Dog potty training requires a lot of patience, as it can take weeks for your pup to learn the proper place to excrete. You have to watch your puppy carefully to see what his behavior is when he wants to relieve himself. This will help you know when to give commands, and once the puppy begins to do what is asked of him, you will be able to appreciate his behavior.

When house training a dog, the basic idea to follow is to potty train the puppy in such a way that he excretes whenever and wherever you want. Puppies will usually circle a particular spot and begin to squat at a time when you need to pick the dog up and out and command “out”, loud and clear. This word will gradually register and you will soon discover that the puppy indicates that he wants to go out.

Don’t yell or show anger if you couldn’t get the puppy out to relieve itself. This will further confuse the puppy. Puppies usually can’t hold out for very long, so they may need to be taken out quite often. When potty training the dog, make it a habit to take the puppy out every few hours, even if you see no signs that he wants to excrete. Once you’ve gotten him out, use a few words to convey that he needs to go potty, wait and see the effect, eventually he’ll start to respond appropriately.

If the dog relieves itself outside as instructed, start using this command and see if it works. The dog will begin to understand your command when you associate the behavior with the command and also when it does what it is told to be praised and petted. Occasionally people use paper or a dog potty training box, this may not be a good idea in the long run because then there may be no need to go outside at all. It is definitely not good in terms of cleanliness nor is it good for the dog’s health. He will begin to excrete in the same place and then it will be difficult to break the habit.

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