Work at Home Mom’s 7 Most Common Mistakes

Many Mom’s who are also running a home-based business find themselves in situations where they are not as productive they would like to be. Work At Home Moms have different demands on their time and their business than any other segment of the work force. As a result, WAHM’s often do not achieve the results they would like to have.

Here are 7 mistakes common to Work At Home Mom’s and actions you can take to improve the results in your business:

1. Time Management: Thinking you will have time “later” to get to your work project. We need to prioritize our desires. In order to make your home based business a success you have to put it high on your priority list.

2. Demands on Your Time: Allowing other demands to pull you away from your work. There will always be too many demands on your time. The sooner you establish firm boundaries around your working schedule the sooner you will see the results you desire.

3. Quiet Work Space: Not finding a quiet place in which to create your own work space may be hindering your success. To be productive you must be able to focus on your work. When the dishwasher is humming, the kids are playing noisily and the housework is beckoning, you will not be in an environment conducive to creativity and productivity. Make your business important enough to find a space that is reserved for quiet, focused work.

4. Validate Your Business: WAHM’s have trouble, at times, viewing their work as a valid business. Too often Mom’s see all the work other than business as being more profitable especially in the beginning phases of setting up a home business and while we are not yet seeing the income we hope for. View your efforts as the necessary work that must be done to make your business thrive and place your work in the position of honor it deserves.

5. Appearance Matters: Do you want a sloppy appearance to define you? Dress for work. Working from home allows you to work in your pajamas but do you feel better about yourself when you stay in pajamas all day long? Take yourself seriously enough to know that what you do is important. Dressing well makes you feel better about yourself. It puts you in a better frame of mind. What would you like to look like, as a Mom who works from home? You don’t need power suits; you just need to feel good about yourself.

6. Family Support: In many cases, family doesn’t comprehend the value of your work. Help your family to understand the importance of your “job”. It is your responsibility to show your family the value of the work you do. When you portray an attitude of worth on your business and include your family in your goals you will have a greater probability of their support.

7. Neglecting Yourself WAHM’s are always giving of themselves to others and the demands on their time continually increase. A WAHM must find time to refresh and restore herself. This is important so Mom can offer the best she can give to others. Each day find ways to incorporate time for the things you love to do. At the end of the day reflect on the things that satisfied you.

Enjoy the benefits of working from home. Adjust your life to reflect the true values you have and accomplish your desire to make a difference in the world.

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