I feel like I was scammed by Google today

I was trying to upgrade my YouTube Premium/Music to a Family Plan but the option wasn’t there. So I chatted with a rep from Google that said since I switched to an Annual plan last month I can’t upgrade to a Family plan. I asked what my options were like if I could cancel and then resign up. The rep then went ahead (without my permission) and canceled my Annual plan. I went ahead and signed up for the Family plan and asked if I would be getting a credit or a refund for the 11 months I didn’t use.

Then and only then the rep told me they cannot credit a refund an annual plan. I argued as I was never told and he said the only thing I can do is leave it in the feedback as it’s policy.

I don’t doubt it’s policy but I should of just been aware of it before they cancelled it or I wouldn’t have done it. I feel like they literally stole from me today.

Edit: Screenshot of the conversation


Edit: to update the guy that was working my case agreed with me and they will honor my remaining time that I had left on my annual subscription and then move to month billing after that.
The second rep I worked with was really good and was on top of it

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