Increasing Your AdSense Earnings

Google AdSense is the program that pays you for Google Ads that run on your blog or Website. I have been writing blogs for quite some time now and believe me, increasing Google AdSense earnings is one of the most difficult tasks when it comes to improving AdSense revenue. Ask any blogger, you will get the same answer. This is a task that takes months of work. It will take days or weeks to be seen by Search Engines. If you have good content and submit your site to social network sites you will greatly increase your chances of getting targeted traffic for your site.

Increasing Google AdSense Earnings can become fun if you do the following:

1) Follow your heart. Following your heart means you are passionate at what you are doing. It means you can do a task over and over again without getting fatigued. It also means you are doing something you like. If you can get paid to do something you like then you will worker harder just because you enjoy doing it on one hand and someone pays you for it on the other. Bloggers who are in the process of increasing their earnings usually give up because they write blogs with the sole intention of making money. They do not have the passion for blogging or for their niches.

2) Analyse, understand your AdSense reports and take action. Increasing your Google AdSense earnings will become fun if you learn and master how to use your AdSense analytics. Do you take time to analyse your analytics program? This is very important if you are to improve your earnings. Always take your time while in your analytics to follow instructions as given by your analytics provider. Do yourself a favour by taking action following the instructions. Take time to understand your visitor stats, your traffic sources, keywords used by your visitors and their geo location. Find out whether your visitors are new or returning visitors, how long they spend on your site and the content they are mostly interested in. These are stats that will help you know the areas to improve in your blog if increasing your AdSense earnings is your purpose for blogging.

3) Take time to study how ads appear on your site. Make sure the ads look as if they are part of the posts. Make sure that the visitor does not see a marked difference in the post and the ads. If you do this, a visitor will click the ads thinking he is getting more information from your post and thus you will increase your AdSense earnings this way. Again find out if you are running only text or image ads or both. Visit other top blogger sites and see what others are doing. There is nothing wrong with this if you want to increase your AdSense earnings. Creating ad units, linking ad units and managing ad units are all boring topics that many bloggers want to avoid concentrating on. This is the beef when it comes to increasing your earnings. Give this area your time and you will love the results.

4) Gadgets for your site. Which gadgets do you have for your site? Some gadgets help visitors easily send the posts they like to their friends. Google friends and connect is good for this. Are there other gadgets that allow visitors to share your content with others on social network sites? Do you have You tube videos on your site? They are good for bringing return visitors. Look at all the gadgets and find out which ones will make visitors stay on your site longer or that will help others get to your site.

5) Keywords. Have you researched key words for your blog title? The Google keyword tool is the best for this. Here you enter your keywords, you have the option of looking for synonyms. You will get a list of keywords you can use for your title. Target those with low traffic volumes and then pick one combination that you think can work best for you. Again enter this combination of keywords into the keywords tool to get the exact keywords for your title. This will help your title appear much faster in searches. You can also get your keywords by using a very useful tool on the Google search page that very few people know about called the wonder wheel.

All that said and done, you need to know that you are writing for an audience. Speaking to an audience you can see is easier than to an audience you cannot see. You can make adjustments to your topic depending on the reactions of your audience. Take time to learn about your audience and write what they want to read not what your guts are telling you to write. After learning where they are from, write posts that have local examples about their locality. This will keep them coming back and will help you in keeping a constant number of visitors to your site. Writing blogs takes time and at the end of the day someone needs to be paid for the hard work. Learning and applying the methods in these articles will help you a great deal in increasing your AdSense earnings.

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