Is AdSense Yesterday’s Income Stream?

Well you would not be reading this if you have not heard of the Google publishing program. If it is an entirely recent discovery, I suggest you take a trip over to their site whatever country you live in and read about it. It has been claimed as the easiest money to earn ever.

With no customers to look after, an awful lot of hassle is taken out of your daily efforts to attract revenue online.Its very simple in theory like all the best successful commercial ideas tend to be. Ok, so what about in practice then?

You open an account when you have a website with a good minimum of 15 pages or so. You can get bits of website HTML with a unique id code attached.When you place this on webpages, ads are displayed which if clicked, will attract some money to your publisher account.

Of course you must do this placing of code on sites which people are going to be interested in. Some research is necessary, you can’t use an any old way approach to this. Now you might ask yourself ” I wonder if some areas of interest are more popular and pay more? Yes there is some difference.

That is because advertisers are paying Google via the advertisers program and a part of this revenue is being shared with you. So if you have a website on a popular subject being searched daily then that also means there are going to be more advertisers trying to outbid each other. Each click on your site means a potentially higher payout.

However that also means people will take the path of least resistance and compete on popular subjects which makes it more difficult for you to get website traffic from the search engines. No visitors means no publisher revenue.

Google also give advertisers an option to let their ads appear after a search is done or appear on content sites as well. You could not always be sure though if any of these sites were providing customers so advertisers displayed their wares through your website ad code on your pages.

Well enough time passed and most found that paying to display on your content site did not always pay out – in fact results could be very poor. Google got plenty of earache and eventually decided to see what could be done by delisting websites!

Have you been affected or know anyone else who has suffered a sharp fall in publisher earnings? Its a question not just of search engine optimization but unique content. a few marketers made cash offering software that could generate hundreds of pages at a touch of a button. If you used this wisely that might not have been a problem but of course there was a gold rush on!

So many garbage sites came as a result with little content and the ads displayed on them could never hope to get good quality visitors so sales ratio results had to be disappointing. A shake out has been happening and the website publisher now needs to produce a better information source. The next discussions will be all about whether its worth a sustained effort to produce a quality site or if the whole concept is now not worth the return. You need to hear both sides of the argument.

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