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Most people think that just by placing the AdSense code onto their website will start earning them big checks! I am not ashamed to admit that even I thought the same when I was new. But I soon realized that if I do not optimize my Ads, it is impossible to achieve a good income from AdSense.

In order to earn big AdSense checks, you have to have a good CTR (Click Through Rate) CTR is the number of clicks an ad receives divided by the number of times the Ads are shown. A high CTR means more people are clicking on your Ads.

In this article I would like to share everything I have learned to boost my Google AdSense CTR. If you follow these tips, you will see an instant jump in your CTR.

In order to achieve a very high CTR ( 30% + ) it is important that the following points are taken care of:

1. Google should serve Ads relevant to your niche.
2. You should have the right kinds of Ad formats place in the right places
3. Your Ads should be properly formatted

If you take care of all the three points above, you are guaranteed to have a CTR greater than 30%

Have Google serve relevant Ads

We have to ensure that the ads that are being served by Google are closely related with your content. This is very important because if your ads are not relevant your visitors will not click on them. Here are some tips to ensure that Google displays relevant Ads on your site

Mention your niche keyword in your Title Tag
One great way is to mention your main keyword in the Title tag of your page. This will tell Google that your keyword must be in integral part of your content; otherwise you wouldn’t have mentioned it in the title.

Mention your niche keyword several times in the body of your content
Mention your keywords a couple of times in the body of your content. This will tell Google what your page is all about. Please do not go overboard with this. If you put your keywords too many times, Google will think you are trying to spam.

Make your keyword Bold
It also helps to bold your niche keyword, so that it stands out. You can also use H1 tag for highlighting your keyword. Again, by doing this, Google will feel that the keyword is very relevant to your site’s content

Have descriptive names for your images
If you have images on your page, give relevant names to the image files. For example, if your site is on bicycle, call your images bicycle1. jpg and bicycle2. jpg and not image1. jpg and image2. jpg.

Do not have too much content on your page
This is contrary to what many Gurus feel. Having too much of content on the page has got two disadvantages. Firstly, your keyword density for your main keyword decreases and Google may not understand exactly what your page is all about.

Secondly, if you have too much of content on your page, your visitors will get what they are looking for, and will not be tempted to click on your ads. This will adversely affect our CTR

Use a descriptive file name
This tip is often overlooked by webmasters. But its quite effective. If your page is on bicycles, call your page yourdomain. com/bicycles and not yourdomain. com/ bi

This will again help Google understand what your page is all about and hence it will deliver relevant Ads

Ad Formats and their placement

Google provides dozens of Ad formats that you can use on your site. These ads are of different sizes. Some of them are completely ineffective. But some are really powerful. Once you know what kinds of Ad formats to use, you should take care of placing them at the right places. If they are not

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