Title: How Do I Make Money From Home? 3 Ways Baby Boomers Can Make Money With Article Marketing

How do I make money from home? This is a common question a Baby Boomer will ask someone when searching for well-paying opportunities on the internet. Is there a free way to make money on the internet? Article marketing is that option. I list below the 3 reasons article marketing is a great way to make money online.

The 3 Reasons Article Marketing Can Make You Money:

Direct Commissions

You are asking yourself, “How do I make money from home?”. Easily If you love to write. This gives you the opportunity to discuss things that interest you. If you like to talk about certain subjects and can tie it into a product that you are interested in, this can be a fantastic chance for you to make money. There are many online affiliate programs out there. Some companies have a physical product, like health supplies. Other companies have educational information or marketing programs. The list is endless. All you have to do is write about the company, or concepts, or items that the company promotes. It does not cost anything to write the articles. Each time somebody goes to the company website and buys something, you receive a commission.

Google Will Help You Create Contacts

There are several Writing Directories that allow you to publish articles for free. EzineArticles.com is the most recognized one out there. You have to craft your articles to fit their standards. If you follow their directions and write a series of articles that they feel are of high quality, they will make you a Platinum member of their website. You will have an unlimited ability to turn in as many articles as you want. This is very important. The search engines love articles. Google loves articles. As you write more and more articles the search engines tabulate this. You build up your value and Google rewards you for this. You have a better chance to make the first page of the search engine. When people want a question answered they are more apt to see an article that you have written. It is a numbers game. Articles are given a high value rating by Google. This creates more sales and more money for you.

Outsourcing Articles

If you like to write, but do not have the time to write articles you can outsource this task. Some companies pay hundreds of dollars for a single sale. You might want to pay someone to write articles for you. This will increase your process of getting leads much more quickly. There are many educated individuals that are willing to do this for you. There are companies that are in the business of hiring out internet savvy labor. Let us say you are working 5 days a week. I would suggest that you start writing articles in your spare time. If you like to write, submit these articles to one of the major Publishing Directory sites. After you have the format down, you will see that if the article is done right it will be accepted. After awhile you will learn what the writing directory will accept. You can have someone else do the work for you. While you are at work making money, a contractor can complete a certain amount of articles that you both agree on for a fee. You put money in escrow with a company that monitors the work of the contractor. You have leverage working in your favor. Once you get 100 to 200 articles in writing directories, your chances of ending up on the first page of Google increases drastically. If the articles are complete, and up to your standards, the escrow money is released to the writer for their work. You want to get something in writing that turns the article over to you. You must have all rights to the article that has been completed. You might want to have a phone conversation with the writer first, and ask for a writing sample. For a minimal amount of help, you can get people to start calling you about your products or services. When you arrive home, if you have leads, you can answer the phone in your spare time. The beauty of attraction marketing is that people chase you. Not the other way around.

Direct commissions, contacts Google can create for you, and outsourcing of articles help in driving sales to your website.

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