Want to Make Money From Home? Part 1

Want to make money at home with your computer? This is part 1 of how to make money from your home with your computer and internet. I will show you exactly what to do and your success will only depend on one thing, yourself! I know that what I am going to share with you works. You will not need a lot of money, but you will need some. The main aspect of your success will be you, not your wallet. The way that I make money on-line is with Google adsense. What is Google adsense? Basically I create websites and place other people’s ad’s on my website. I create a content website and place ad’s that I get at Google adsense. When visitors come to my website and click on any of the ad’s, I make money. I earn a very respectable income doing this on a part time basis. It took me less than 1 year to replace my J.O.B. income and I did it with hard work and very little money. That is how it works. Make a website, place ad’s on it, advertise the site to get visitors, make money. It is really that simple, but there is some work involved. As you get more experienced it becomes incredibly easy. Let’s get started.

In part 1, I want to discuss with you the tools that you will need to decide on before you even start building websites for money. The first thing I would like you to think about is, what are you passionate about? The easiest way to make this business successful is to enjoy it. I want you to think of your passions and make websites about them. One of my passions is making money, so I made a website all about how to make money online. It was very easy because I enjoyed doing it. Even when I was frustrated because things were not going as planned, I knew everything would work out because nothing was going to stop me. I was passionate about the subject at hand. It makes an incredible difference. Think about your passions. Write them down and later, make websites about all of them. You can do this at anytime, if you come across an idea, write it down. One thing you will find is once you get started and get more experience, you will want to create as many websites as possible.

The second tool I want you to look at is, how you are going to create the websites? You will need to get website creation software. There are several out there such as Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage. Those two are the most popular to me. If you already have one, great if not, you will have to get one and learn how to use it. Your second assignment is to get a software program that will allow you to create your own websites. Many website hosting companies will create websites for you. This can get fairly expensive, but if you have the money you may want to look into this option. I feel that you will be better off doing it yourself. It is not as easy but you will learn something new and be in full control of your sites. You will know how to change and update them and have the satisfaction of knowing that you did it yourself. Accomplishing a goal feels great. Learning how to do something well feels great. Knowing that you did it yourself is a reward you will be incredibly proud of. Look at all the different programs and find one that you want to work with.

That is all for now. I will have more information in part 2. If you would like some more information feel free to visit my website.

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