Astrology of love: when will you find love? The most important things to look for

Timing is everything. Astrology holds the key to time.

Love and astrology have their own special time, and there are indications within your progressed chart that will help you hone in on those special years when someone new will come into your life or is an indication of a year of marriage.

First you have to have your natal chart to be able to compare it with your progressed chart. There are three progress charts to work with. There’s your forwarded addressed chart, reverse addressed chart, and your solar arc progressed chart.

When you get your charts progressed, you can start comparing them to your natal chart (a three-wheel chart is recommended). Each planet progresses at a different rate, and when one of your love planets progresses to form an aspect with one of your natal or other progressed love planets, you have a love year, bringing you a new love relationship or possibly one year of marriage. !

The aspects that are made by the progressed planet to the home planet are the strongest, but you will also see them making aspects to the other progressed planets. I have seen love connections when they saw each other from conversing to conversing, and they progressed to conversing, but more importantly, they progressed to natal. In many cases you will find up to 3 of these indicators of all or some of these combinations.

Here is a list of what to look for, the planet in bold is the progressed planet, the other planets can be natal or progressed. And the number one love planet is Venus, of course!

  • Venus – Sun, Moon, Mars, Ascendant, Descendant, MC, IC, Chiron, Jupiter, and any planet in your 7th house or the ruler of your 7th house.
  • Mars – Sun, Venus, Angles, 7th house planets and rulers.
  • Sun – Venus, Moon, Mars, Angles (especially the Descendant) and Chiron.
  • Moon – Venus, Sun, Mars, 7th house planet or ruler.
  • Ascending/descending progressed – Venus, Moon, Sun, Jupiter, 7th house planets and rulers.
  • MC/CI angle progressed – Venus, Moon, Mars, planet of the 7th house or ruler of the 7th house.

The most frequently seen aspects are the conjunction, the trine, and the sextile. However, squares and oppositions are also noted.

The most frequently seen aspects for love in astrology are between these planets in order:

  • Venus/Mars
  • Sun/Venus
  • Sun/Mars
  • Sun Moon
  • Moon/Venus and Moon/Mars
  • Any of the planets of love to the angles and the ruler of the seventh house.

And one more to look at is your Arabian side of marriage and the love planets that form an aspect at this point.

When you are comparing your progressed love planets with

natal/progressed planets, look for an orb within 1 degree.

Look for Venus to work its magic from the time the aspect is exact to 1 degree later. Mars works a bit faster, look for an orb 1 degree before accuracy. All the others are in process whenever the orb is within a degree, sooner or later.

To fine-tune when a new love or marriage will take place, look at the transits that trigger the progressions.

If you are already in a love relationship and looking for a year of marriage, this also works!

That gives you an overview of love – astrological style.

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