Attracting Success and Love – Secret Ancient Vedic Prayers

Is there such a thing as the law of attraction?

In physics certainly, however, there is the same law at work in human affairs.

It works in the same way that physical law does, seemingly without warning, but in truth beyond our perception.

But beyond our perception or not, the laws of attraction work within the human sphere of existence.

Many successful people have understood this and have used it to enrich not only themselves, but also all of humanity.

We will show you some ancient Vedic prayers and how they work.

However, we warn you that these prayers are meant to attract wealth and you should share it once attracted. Not sharing it evokes the law of repulsion (loss of what is attracted).

Constructed Reality

If you follow the arguments of current physics, you can come to the decision that our world is made entirely of (intelligent) thought which is not matter (something without mass) but energy.

If this is so, the only thing in our world matching that description is a thought.

A thought is certainly intelligent, it has no mass, but it does have energy.

So if the physicists are correct, and they now tend to agree with the ancient Rishis (learned holy men), then our world is basically made up of thoughts and ideas. Difficult to conceptualize?

Not at all.

A dream seems real, but its only construction is the thought and ideas brought to our subconscious and unconscious mind.

The Law of Attraction

Attracting to ourselves whatever we need may be our natural talent and ability.

Certainly we all have the ability to swim, but we must learn to do it normally. We all have the ability to do many wonderful (and terrible) things, but it often takes training and practice.

Giving us what we need (and often only what we want) is also one of those skills.

It is known that all of creation vibrates at specific frequencies, each frequency for each atom and molecule, and any and all combinations.

A blanket is a special prayer by which we create a vibration that has the answer built into it. The mantra conforms to the law of attraction (if it is that kind of mantra), and can evoke the object of that desire to be attracted.

A mantra to attract God’s attention

The following mantra is so powerful that just saying it over and over again constitutes a form of yoga.

It says in the Bhagavad Gita (the greatest Hindu holy book, and believed to be the words of God),
“Among the Sacrifices, I am the Sacrifice of the Repetition of the Name of God”

Try repeating and of the following mantras several times a day. Each line is a separate mantra. Repeat the one that feels most natural to you.

Om namo Nārāyaņāya (Om honor to the God in man)

Om Hari Om (Om God Om)

Om namah Śivāya (Om honor to Śiva)

Om namo Bhagavate Vāsudevāya (Om honor to Holy Krishna, God of spiritual wealth)

Om Śrī Rāma jaya Rāma jaya jaya Rāma (Om Śrī Rāma victory Rāma victory victory Rāma)

power of mantras

As previously stated, the mantra creates a vibration where the response is built.

Almost all (if not all) religions have their prayers or supplications to God (or what they worship) repetitive.

The repetition increases the size and speed of the vibration.

Saying a mantra once can have little to no effect, certainly not on the law of attraction.

You need to repeat it over and over again. You need to make yourself vibrate with it, and that same vibration goes out to the universe. You can be pretty sure there will be an answer.

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