Consequences of an ungodly relationship

– Proven facts of life.
– Truths that will free you from future pain

Gal 6:7, Jer 32:17-19, Ecc 11:9-10, Ecc 12:1, Eph 5:14-17

1) Your life is your hands
– You can be whatever you want to be in this life. (Philippians 4:13)
– We reap what we sow
– Life can be ruined/destroyed in youth.
– Life is like a coin, you can spend it as you want, but you can only spend it once. (Ecc 11:9-10)
– This stage of life is a period of character formation.
– It’s a foundation period. (Proverbs 11:3)
– If you put a good foundation you will be happy later, but if you don’t you will regret it in life.
– It’s not all bad to be in a relationship.
– You need to find out the motives behind that relationship.
– Before entering any relationship you need to be sure of yourself.

Are you born again first? If so, every relationship must be based on the principles of God’s word.


Pro 11:3
– It’s offensive to God.
– Opens a door to demons (spirit spouses)

* Snakes will bite you and all kinds of problems will arise.
– Academic failure: your result is very important and can affect your choice of career or postgraduate student.
– It leads to emotional problems that you start to fantasize about (another world)
– Premarital sex leads to lack of trust and also, more often than not, to breakup of relationships/commitment after he has seen and tasted you.
– Once you engage in premarital sex, there is an urge to do it again and again unless God helps you. (It’s an endless pit)
– Unwanted pregnancy
– It can lead to abortion and eventually death.
– It is better to bear their shame than to abort it.
– Leads to murder. Ex 20:13
– It gives you a painful memory.
– Leads to lack of sexual satisfaction.
– Opens you up to a demonic operation if your sexual partner is possessed/demonized
– Sex is an exchange of blood and life is in the blood. (body chemistry is exchange)
– It’s an exchange of pacts.
– Curses are shared.
– It can lead to health complications that cause torments of pain.
– It can (can) bring permanent hatred/damage.
– In the process sexually transmitted diseases are exchanged.
– Casual sex leads to casual love.
– The more a man’s need is met outside of marriage, the less need he has of marriage.
– Love and crushes experience strong sexual passions and urges, but love exhibits self-control while crush is in a hurry.
– The best gift you can give your husband on your wedding night is your virginity, not “experience gained from other men”

Ingredients of a good relationship
Integrity, worthless trust for a healthy relationship; It prevents dishonesty, quenches love and destroys intimacy.

The three most important decisions in the life of a single:
1. The decision to give oneself totally to God and serve him faithfully by being born again.
2. Determine to discover God’s purpose for your life: Have a vision of God’s plan for your life.
3. The decision of whom to marry.

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