different types of love

LOVE – this word must be one of the most used words in the human world, regardless of language or culture. But there are so many different meanings for this simple word. This word is often used in all languages ​​to express the English word. It is difficult to define this word universally, although everyone speaks and exercises it, but different people can take a different perspective or depth of it. The breadth and depth of the word “love” can be so wide that it defies a defined meaning.

It is usually defined as a type of feeling that you have towards someone or something or some situation. It could be directed at some positive feeling. It has been observed that love can change over time.

There are many types of love, but 2 main ones are impersonal love and interpersonal love.

impersonal love
An impersonal love is a feeling by which a person acts towards a non-human, as a principle, object or goal that the person feels a great passion for or has a great commitment to. Impersonal love can make one love a simple object like even lingerie, or animals like “man’s best friend dog” or activities like golf or tennis, where time and effort is invested in that approach. It is impersonal as affection is poured on things and animals rather than people.

interpersonal love
Interpersonal love is a feeling that exists between two or more human beings. It is usually a strong feeling of one person towards another; therefore, it is involved in human relationships, usually between people who know each other or are in some kind of relationship, such as spouses, partners, family members, friends, colleagues, and the like.

Love has been a favorite in the different aspects of life, be it philosophy, religion, psychology and science. There is endless study to understand what it really is and how it really works. There have been many theories as there are many phenomena such as a mother’s sacrificial love for her child.

positivity in love
When two parties claim to be in love, it is necessary to exhibit their claim. Doing things for each other is a sure way to show that your love is true and not just words. There are some love languages: say nice things about the person you love, do something nice for the person you love, listen to your loved ones, give something to delight your loved ones, and touch your loved ones gently. Being positive about your loved ones in every way helps build your love for each other; even in simple situations like asking your opinion on a dress or putting on the sexy lingerie you like.

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