Does my ex still like me? 4 ways to know if your ex still has feelings for you!

Therefore, you can spend time with your ex, but at the same time, he or she is sending you mixed signals about how you are feeling. That makes it difficult for things to move forward as you are not sure if you are doing something wrong which may cause your ex to start ignoring you and you are also afraid that you will not do something soon enough to get your ex back. It is very important, then, to know if your ex is still attracted to you or not … but how? Does your ex still like you? There are indicators that you can look at to know the answers. Here are some ways to find out.

Smile: a person’s smile is very difficult to fake. No matter how big it is, you will know and feel if it is genuine or not, especially if you have been with them for some time, you should know if they are smiling with the heart or not. Visit your ex and say hello, tell him you just want to see how he is.

Smile at him. See how they would smile back. Take a look at the eyes. Feel that emotion if he or she is happy to see you. If it is a smile with a brief nod, they are happy to see an old friend. But if they smile in amazement and surprise, then your ex definitely likes you.

Hear her laugh: Your ex is probably one of the people who used to laugh at your cheesiest jokes. Try an experiment to tell a joke. Hear if they laugh because it’s funny or because they are relieved to see you and happy to have talked to you. If they still laugh that way, then he still likes you.

Congratulate your ex- If you can do this, you can easily tell if your ex is still flattered by you by observing their reaction to the things you say. You can also try complimenting your ex on things you normally would never notice, or things you never praised him for before.

Appreciation: There is surely a skill of yours that your ex found amazing. If it’s painting, for example, try inviting them to see your new artwork. Make sure you are on good terms with your ex and tell him that you would like to know what he thinks of as a good friend.

A simple appreciation means they are being nice, but if they still praise you like they used to, even though you know it’s not that great, you still like them.

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