Don’t Let Teething Problems In Your Relationship Destroy It Forever

When you first move in together, it can be a bit of a shock. Dating someone even if it has been for years is very different from living with that person. Even if they spent every weekend glued to each other. This transition period can be difficult. They need to get used to each other.

When you’re dating, you tend to be on your best behavior, letting your partner only see what you want them to see. No one can keep this up full-time, so when his mask falls off, it can either be a relief that he’s human after all and not Mr. Perfect or a shock to the system when you realize he’s a total bum. And it may come as a surprise that it’s messy and hogging the bathroom.

Of course, life as usual gets in the way. Where before their relationship was based on doing fun things together without a care in the world, real life kicks in. They are both tired and if it is their first time living away from their parents, they have all the extra chores and responsibilities, paying bills, shopping, cooking, doing housework. Where do you find the time to put all the love and care into your relationship that you used to? You barely have time to brush your hair!

All of this puts pressure on your relationship. They may find that instead of being so in love that they can barely breathe without each other, they come down to earth with a big bump. Picking up her dirty underwear isn’t very romantic. And it’s probably not what you imagined in your dreams.

Of course, everyone has teething problems. But it’s when disagreements start to turn into more serious arguments that trouble can begin. Harsh words are exchanged and before you know it, one of you is gone. He can climb quite quickly and without you realizing it.

But all is not lost, this does not mean that you cannot solve the problems. Don’t fall for the first hurdle and throw away a good relationship before it’s really started. Commitment is what is needed. Okay, he may not be the perfect Prince Charming you thought and she may not be that princess you put on a pedestal, but we are all human, no one is perfect. Everyone has flaws whether we like it or not. Try to look at each other from the other partner’s point of view. You may both have to admit to yourself and to each other that you have flaws. Then find a way to compromise and live with them, happily together

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