Get Your Ex Back – The ‘No Contact" Rule and its exceptions!

No contact means just that, no contact. If you’ve been communicating or trying to communicate with your ex, stop. Now. Yes. In this very minute! Both you and your ex need some “room to breathe.” It is likely that the breakup was very serious and that both of you need time to consider your actions and your words.

The “no contact” rule is your best chance to win your ex back! Again, both of you need time to evaluate the relationship and decide on the right move. As for any rule, there are exceptions. However, use these exceptions with great caution and don’t abuse them, otherwise your ex could be gone forever!


You, of course, are the expert in your situation. Apologies may be in order. Or you may feel like enough time has passed for a short statement to be in order. No one else can really advise you in this situation. Both you and your ex need to be aware of your individual needs and can move forward with what is best for both of you.


This is a definite exception to the “no contact” rule. If you discover that a friend or family member has passed away and your ex is unlikely to hear otherwise, get in touch with your ex. An emergency exception should be used sparingly. Don’t over-dramatize a situation in order to create an excuse to make the call. Otherwise, you will only push your partner away from you, with insistent communication! Your ex will most likely not care when Aunt Ruth’s kittens arrive!


When your ex makes contact, this is a definite sign that the “no contact” rule is no longer necessary! Congratulations! Both are now on the road to recovery. The exception to this exception would, of course, be if your ex sent you dead flowers or calls to tell you it’s over. In this case, strictly adhere to the “no contact” rule, your ex doesn’t need to know your reaction.

The “no contact” rule is a smart way to get your ex re-involved in your life, believe it or not! Nobody likes to be ignored, especially the person who was once the center of all their attention! No contact gives you and your ex the ability to evaluate your relationship and decide what should happen next.

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