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So here you are, surfing the internet for dating advice. You can surely find plenty of tips out there these days. But how do you know which advice to take? There are many ‘relationship experts’ around. Who can you trust? It used to be, when you had a problem, you just asked your parents, or maybe a trusted aunt or uncle. Or you may have called a trusted friend to help you decide what to do. Technology has opened up a whole new world for us and we have so many options that it can make your head spin.

Has your relationship already ended? Maybe your partner decided to call it quits and you think there is still something worth saving. What can you do about it? You might get depressed and feel sorry for yourself, but what will that do? Or you could start taking some positive steps to find out what went wrong and what you can do to fix it. Here are a couple of tidbits of dating advice that can help get you started on the right track:

  • Speak the truth and speak directly from your heart. You could tell your ex what you know he wants to hear, but where will that get you in the long run? Honesty is always best and honest words spoken from the heart are pure gold. So when you talk to your ex about trying to resolve the relationship, be completely honest with yourself and with them. If they need things that you know you can’t give them, maybe it’s best for both of you to move on.
  • Walk a mile in your shoes. Look at the relationship and its problems from their point of view. If you felt like them, would you still want to fix the relationship? Which of the problems are you most directly responsible for causing or contributing to? If you can find solutions to problems, then you have a place to start open and honest communication between the two of you.

Here is one last tip for you. Once the two of you talk about reestablishing the relationship, both of you should be very clear about what you agree to do or not do. You must be absolutely sure that you will be able to fulfill your part of the agreement before you make any promises. Making promises and then breaking them is the fastest way to end your relationship, so don’t do it.

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