He left me, now he wants to go back. How do I know if it is really sincere?

Is your ex calling “just to see” how you are, or is he suddenly appearing in the same places you are? Have mutual friends mentioned who asked for you? These are very common signs that your ex is interested in getting you back. So how do you feel about it? If you still love your ex, but the breakup still hurts, you might ask yourself, “Does my ex Really You want me back? “

You are right to be cautious. Even if you want to get back with your ex, you shouldn’t just get into things. How do you know that he or she will not leave you again? How do you know that you can trust them?

Stay cool and take it easy. Don’t worry, playing a little hard to get it will drive him away again. If so, then your ex wasn’t really interested to begin with. But if your ex is genuinely interested, making him work in your best interest will only make him love you more. You give in too quickly, or seem too eager, and your ex may walk out the door. In fact, if your ex is sending signals that he wants you back, chances are it was your apparent ability to be happy on your own that did it.

No matter who ended the relationship, you both have likely experienced times when you missed each other and yearned to get back together, especially if you were together for a year or more. Even if your ex left without looking back, they have had times when they missed you. Those memories of the good times you shared, and the bad times you spent together, will appear at the most unexpected moments. They pull at the heart and now they may have brought your ex back to you.

Your ex may have been feeling lonely and regretful too. Perhaps the reason the relationship ended had nothing to do with you. Now she realizes. Now, you see that she let go of a relationship that really made her happy. So if you’re wondering, “Does my ex want to get back with me?” You should know that your ex, from time to time, has had the same thought. If they are sending signals, they may have decided to come back to you.

A word of caution though: Sometimes an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend will show interest just to boost their ego. It’s about them, not you. They see that you love them and want to enjoy your attention, but they have no intention of re-engaging with you.

So again, you need to keep calm and take it easy. Make sure your ex is really interested in being with you. Make sure they aren’t hanging out because they don’t have other prospects. Also keep in mind that some exes may turn to you and then leave you absent again to get revenge for something they perceive wrong.

What is the easiest way to check your sincerity? Wait for them to express their desire to return to you in words. And then ask them why. If they were so sure they had a good reason to leave you, then why the change? In the meantime, don’t be intimate with them. That’s a surefire way to risk having your heart broken again.

It is very important not to jump the gun. Make sure your ex’s motives are pure before getting back with him or her.

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