How do you know if your ex still cares about you? Find out if they still love you before it’s too late

Breakups hurt and can be extremely difficult to bear. You start missing your ex instantly, and suddenly you feel like your life will never be the same again, unless you get your ex back. You may have tried talking to your ex about getting back together, and he / she has only given you mixed signals. They may even have told you that they no longer love you; and yet they seem to like you. You see, if you’re not sure if your ex still likes you, then you should use these tips below to find out …

Memories: your ex will always bring up things from the past; But I’ll try to bring back good memories He will try to remind you of the places you went and how happy you were once together. This is a great sign that your ex hasn’t gotten over you yet, as he is constantly concentrating on the past and has obviously not gotten over you.

Nicknames: they still call you “baby”, “baby”, “honey”, etc. and they don’t even force it. Your ex will continue to use pet nicknames and will not even have a problem calling you his “sweetheart.” You see, if your ex really wanted you to leave and hated you; he / she would try to remove all traces of you from his / her life. They would no longer call you by your nickname and would avoid even talking to you; So if you still find your ex to be sweet to you, take this as a sign that he still likes you.

They appear in places you frequent. They can even go to places you used to go when you were together and tell you about it. Your ex will also tell you about the places they went and start talking about you. The reason they are telling you such random facts is because they are trying to tell you that by going wherever they went, they were reminded of you and still like you. If your ex does actually “bump into” you at hangouts, take it as a sign that he’s chasing you and wants you back.

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