How to fail a relationship?

1. You play hard to get

When your partner wants to talk to you on the phone, they often don’t answer the phone. And you don’t call him later. The assumption that your feelings are strengthened in this way is completely wrong. Why? Because that would drive him away.

2. You very often mention anything about your ex

Let your past stay in the past. It is not a good idea to mention your ex’s name as well as any information about him/her. You should also avoid making a comparison between your ex and your current boyfriend/girlfriend. That won’t do you any good.

3. You are being dumb and boring

It is a common misconception that it is not advisable to show your intellect. However, when you try to be just an average person so as not to scare your partner through your idiosyncrasies, there is a high risk of ruining your relationship.

4. You are being reserved and emotionless.

If you are very secretive about your feelings and/or your activities, your partner may feel isolated and even lonely. You might think it’s cool not to show your emotions, but it can actually ruin your relationship.

5. The limits you set are unhealthy or you don’t set them at all.

Setting boundaries helps maintain balance not only at the beginning of the relationship but later on as well. And also avoid power change.

6. You don’t spend enough time with your partner

You meet him/her only when it is convenient for you or beneficial to you. If you want your relationship to be warm, loving, and intimate, you need to be fully committed to each other. And the latter involves spending a lot of time together.

7. You do not allow your partner to meet your friends and/or family

Your partner needs to fit well into your social circle. And if you don’t let him do that, it could be catastrophic for your relationship.

8. You are not very interested in your partner’s goals and/or dreams.

It is very important to support your partner in the process of achieving their goals and/or dreams. Just be there for him/her when needed.

9. You manage to turn every argument with your partner into a fight.

In fact, healthy arguments can strengthen a relationship. However, if an argument turns into a fight, it could ruin your relationship.

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