How to get it back: tips to heal a broken relationship

When your girlfriend decides she has had enough and wants to move on to see other people, it can hurt a lot. I know it’s not exactly “manly” to let it be known that we feel pain like anyone else, but that doesn’t change the fact that we feel it. Well, there are many ways to get over that pain and even get back with your ex girlfriend, and I’m here to help you!

Getting back with your ex won’t be a walk in the park, but there is a system that can simplify things and make it a lot easier than it could be. Even then, there is no guarantee that it will work for everyone and honestly, anyone who says “my path is 100% flawless and guaranteed” is lying. Neither method works 100% of the time with 100% of people, but this process that I am about to show you is one of the most effective out there.

First things first, when the breakup really happens, don’t chase her down and beg her to get back with you. It’s not very manly and it won’t get you anywhere anyway. She’s made up her mind, she’s probably upset or hurt or both, and seeing MORE of you right now isn’t really on her list of favorite things to do.

Give it some space, some time to heal and get back in order. While she’s tidying up her own things, you need to think a bit yourself. As painful as it is, it has become clear that the two of you, as you are, will NOT end up solving things. SHE is not going to change, so if you want it to work with her, YOU will have to be the one to change.

Analyze your relationship with her and really find out what you did wrong. If you already know what it was, great … some girls will tell you what the problems are when they break up with you. Not all of them do, however, so you may need to give some thought here. Once you figure it out and make a list of the things you did to contribute to the demise of the relationship, you have more work ahead of you.

You have to take those flaws and mistakes that you have or have made and get rid of them. Stop doing the things that push her away and start doing things to attract her to you. A lot of this depends on the specific girl and her individual needs and expectations, so you can tell yourself exactly what you need to do better than me, since you know her better than I do.

Whatever the case, you must solve your problems and solve your biggest problems. When you are done with that or are on your way to it, you can restart contact with your ex. Remember to keep it simple and light, calling about the breakup or getting back together is usually not very positive. A fairly proven example of a first contact is seeing how you have fared since the breakup. It’s light, it shows you care, and it doesn’t start to get into “OMG I miss you so come back.”

Once you’ve made contact again, slowly rebuild with a few contacts here and there, light and friendly without getting TOO friendly. Over time, the two of you will likely start spending time together, and at this point it’s important to spend this time doing things you always liked to do before when you were a couple. Doing something fun and familiar should bring good memories to the surface and begin to rekindle a bit of how she felt about you in the past.

Really, from here on it’s just playing it by ear. Pay attention to her, listen to her, and watch for any signs that she may still be in love with you. Let her see for herself that the problems she had that helped at the end of the relationship have been resolved or are in the process of being resolved. Be the boy she fell in love with, just without the faults that made her leave.

Following this procedure tends to have excellent results, guys. No other “technique” has such a high success rate, because this one really solves problems. If she loves you, she WANTS to be with you, she just doesn’t want to be unhappy while she is. That’s why he left! If you do it so that you are not causing her unhappiness and she can see that you will not be, she will be much more open to giving her another chance.

So give it a try, see what happens. I guarantee you will be surprised how easy it seems. Good luck! =)

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