How To Get Your Ex Back By Acting Like You Don’t Care Anymore! This can work wonders if done right

When nothing seems to help, it is best to accept the situation you are in, make peace with yourself, and start moving on. If you act like you don’t give a damn about your ex, chances are he’s attracted to you. Experts in human psychology must figure out how and why this happens. Use these seven tips to get your ex back in no time.

Ignoring your ex to give him space and time to think about you

Trying to convince your ex to come back is useless and this will only complicate matters as it may set terms and conditions that will be humiliating for you. The best way forward is to ignore it for the moment.

Let me feel the pangs of separation

If you’ve spent a considerable amount of time together before the breakup and had some good times, your ex will definitely think about the good times once his anger has subsided. For this to happen, it is best to stay out of reach.

Convey your happiness for the breakup

Let your ex know that the breakup doesn’t bother you too much, even though you wish it hadn’t happened. Get together with mutual friends and family of your ex and make the point subtly. Make it clear to them that you are not going to think about the separation and that you are taking steps to move on in life.

Show your willingness to date one more time

This is much easier these days with the proliferation of social networking sites. Change your Facebook status from Orkut to single and let your ex know that you are interested in meeting interesting people again. List your preferences that slightly match your ex’s attributes.

Let your ex know you’re having a great time

This can also be done over the Internet. Post or upload photos of you and your friends having fun on your page and make sure your close friends post comments on the same. This will take you home to the point that everything is fine for you.

Send mixed signals

By withholding photos of you and your ex when you were together on your Facebook or Orkut page, you can send mixed signals that you still have feelings for them and haven’t completely forgotten about them.

Get together and offer to remain good friends

By now, your ex will have realized his mistake and will have concluded that you are not such a bad person after all. Get to know your ex and try to resolve the differences and offer your hand of friendship. This will show your magnanimity and your ex will start to have doubts.

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