How to Leverage Your Inherent Relationship-Building Skills for Business

Whether you know it or not, you were born with the natural ability to meet people and build relationships. Even if you don’t spend a lot of time proactively building relationships, you should be able to point to numerous examples of relationship building with friends and co-workers.

While we are all born with the ability to connect, some of us use this ability more than others. If you haven’t used your inherent relationship-building skills yet, then it’s time to release them into the world.

Don’t be a hermit

As long as you’re not a hermit, you interact with people every day, like the bus driver, a person at the dry cleaners, a local store clerk, customers, and co-workers. However, he may not have a strong business network to fall back on.

This is fine because it is never too late to start. You probably have more people in your network than you think. Most of us have naturally built a network that has been largely untapped.

Take a trip down memory lane and think about the relationships you’ve built with friends and co-workers. What did you do to develop these relationships?

Many of these relationships have been built because of common ground, like living in the same neighborhood, going to the same school, working for the same company, or playing the same sports. For many people, building relationships begins with identifying these common elements and building on them.

Having something in common with another person provides a great foundation. Remember that relationships are built with people who make us feel comfortable. Spend time surrounding yourself with these types of people. This is a great way to start growing your network.

Focus on the common points

In addition to surrounding yourself with people who make you feel comfortable, you should also look for people who share common ground. Attend networking events focused on your industry, hang out with friends of friends, and interact with alumni.

Whatever you decide to do, keep an open mind and focus on turning some of these encounters into new relationships. Nurture these new relationships so they can become part of your network.

At the same time, you need to be confident that you can meet people and build strong relationships. She has done it before and continues to do it with new friends and co-workers. The more you interact with people, the more confident you will be.

Consider each time you talk to someone as practice for the next conversation. If you don’t feel comfortable attending a big event, practice at a small gathering in your community, at your company, or at a family gathering.

Try to be friends with any new contacts first, and then talk business later. You want to build comfort and trust so that when business comes up, the transition is smooth.

The reason you want to build relationships this way is because people tend to do business with other people they consider friends. It’s important to always connect with people on a deeper level that goes far beyond business.

Practice talking to strangers

If you’re still not comfortable holding a conversation with new people in a business setting, then practice talking to people when you go to the store, work out at the gym, take a taxi, or stay in a hotel. This activity will make you feel more comfortable talking to complete strangers in all situations.

Since you already naturally have these conversations every day, now you need to be aware that they are happening and strengthening your relationship building skills. Use this as an opportunity to practice conversation skills.

Never rule out any of these discussions because they could turn into good relationships. Take these encounters seriously because relationships are built in every situation. Techniques to practice include reciting your elevator pitch, asking insightful questions, and listening.

It’s best to hone your conversation skills in a non-business setting. The old saying that “practice makes perfect” is very true for relationship building. Speaking is an innate ability. Take advantage of it to help you be more successful in business and in life.

You have a voice and you need to exercise it. Professional athletes and musicians need to practice constantly before they can perform at the big game or in a performance.

Keep in mind that people attend networking events to meet other people. Never feel embarrassed to walk up to someone and start a conversation. Chances are this person is uncomfortable and will be grateful that you started the dialogue.

final thought

Remember that we are all born with the ability to build relationships. Don’t let this natural ability go to waste.

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