Loving relationships and secret numbers

As love cries out to quench our soul,
To fill our hearts and make us whole,
Inside our names sleeps the secret.
Behold! The answer is within our numbers!

Love. Oh, love! How profound. How great. How majestic and magnetic. It could be said that nothing in the history of man has captivated him more than love. It’s the elixir that satisfies the heart, mind and soul, and yet its secrets remain hidden, don’t they?

With the rise of broken marriages, broken homes, unhappy children separated from the loving embrace of a mother and father, as well as an endless stream of people experiencing fleeting and empty relationships, it is all too apparent that the process of love and the choice of a life partner needs review. There is too much pain, too many tears, too much anguish and anguish to maintain the current direction of generating fulfilling love marriages. The method of creating relationships needs to be revolutionized and that revolution is centered, as remarkable as it may seem, on the names and dates of birth of each one of us.

Numbers rule the universe said the famous mathematician and scientist Pythagoras. Because numbers rule the universe, they rule everything in it, including love and relationships. The key numbers of each individual’s name and date of birth contain the secrets of love for the individual. When those numbers correctly match someone else’s numbers, a strong, satisfying, and long-lasting relationship can be achieved. Divorces will be fewer, as will broken homes, broken relationships, broken hearts, bereaved children, and broken lives.

For example, let’s say person ‘A’ has a Lifepath 5. The Lifepath is determined from the date of birth and can be compared to a person’s life script. We will now assume that person ‘B’ has a Lifepath 4. If these two people tried to create a relationship, would they each find fulfillment through the other’s life script and thus increase the chance that they would have a meaningful relationship? ? The answer is probably no. Numbers 4 and 5 are diametrically opposite. 4 is conventional; 5 is unconventional. The 4 loves stability; 5 loves movement. 4 is practical; 5 is adventurous. 4 does not like change; the 5 loves change. Do you see the problem?

Now suppose that 4 and 5 did not rule their Lifepaths but their Expressions. The expression is derived from a person’s name and describes the individual as a whole. With one person being 4 and the other being 5, the chances of them finding harmony together are slim to none. Again, the same problem arises, except that the Expression is the person, while the Lifepath is the person’s life script. Thus, the Expression has greater weight. The 4 vs. 5 conflict is thus intensified when it is in the Expressions [the names] instead of Lifepaths [the birth dates] of the people involved. This combination would not bode well for a happy couple or a fulfilling relationship. The 4 would hold the 5 back, stifling his adventurous nature, while the 5’s desire to move, change and experience life would cause the roots-loving 4 a great deal of stress.

Although there are many factors in a numerology chart that determine the compatibility of a relationship, this simple 4 vs. 5 example illustrates that if these two people were to form a committed bond, their Lifepaths and/or Expressions could create tension due to opposition and conflict. inherent conflict between the 4th and 5th. Therefore, it is important for people to look beyond the superficial attributes of a potential mate, such as wealth, power, possessions, celebrity, and seek the deeper energies that they understand their lives and destinies determined by the numbers in their names and dates of birth.

summary notes
1. Numbers rule the universe.
2. Our personal numbers are found within our birth name and date of birth.
3. Each of our numbers contains the secrets to love.
4. Love relationships are created when the key numbers of two people match harmoniously.

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