MUST READ: Knowing When to End a Relationship (from Cary, IL Counseling)

Relationships can enrich our lives, but they can also cause harm. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or significant other, any relationship comes with its own set of challenges. And more often than not, putting in the effort to resolve relationship issues can result in a healthier bond.

But there are those relationships that, no matter how much work and goodwill you put into them, will never bring a return on your time or investment of heart. These relationships are toxic and need to end for you to heal and move on.

3 signs that the relationship should end

For example, are there more negative interactions than positive ones?

Every relationship has its good interactions and its not so good ones. But there are those relationships where it seems like every interaction is tense and filled with negative emotions.

When communication becomes difficult or impossible, the relationship has no solution.

very different needs

At the start of a new friendship or romance, it’s easy to try to compromise with one another, making sure that both people’s needs are met. Over time, some friends or partners realize that their needs are very different.

For example, in a romantic couple, someone may need more sex than the other. Someone may need to always be in control or have a need to lie. These kinds of conflicting needs are a red flag for any relationship.

A flagrant lack of respect

Respect is essential in relationships. But sometimes there are individuals who seem unable to respect the other person, their needs, their limits, their wishes, etc. These people tend to be on the narcissistic spectrum and are incapable of empathy or respect for the needs of others.

This is not an exhaustive list of signs, but these three are some of the most common and troublesome signs.

let go and move on

Once you know it’s time to end the relationship, your head and heart may be racing, wondering if you’re making the right decision. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have someone on her side who she can trust to provide honest feedback, sound advice, and clarity.

Sometimes you can find this champion in your network of friends and family, but other times it might be better to find a totally neutral third party. Someone you never have to wonder if he “just says that” because he loves me and cares about me.

A therapist can help you navigate your intense emotions and make the best decision for your happiness and peace of mind.

Counseling is available in Cary, Illinois

If you are currently struggling in a relationship and would like some help navigating it, please contact me at 847 275 8236. I will be more than happy to discuss how I can help you.


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