Secret Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You

If your girlfriend ended your relationship, you have likely struggled hard to keep it. Whatever reason he gave you, his decision was made and you two went your separate ways. But hope is not always lost. If you have an ex-girlfriend who is still in touch with you, there is a reason for all that contact. Either she’s not completely ready to let go of your relationship … or maybe she still loves you on some submerged levels. Making her love you again is about pulling out those buried emotions, as long as they’re still there.

The following signs and signals are indicators that your ex girlfriend may still be in love with you.

She always calls you – It’s one thing to call your ex after the breakup, but if she calls you, it’s usually a good sign. A girl who is ready to move on will likely ignore your attempts at contact with your ex-girlfriend; after all, she doesn’t want to cheat on you. But what if she not only answers your calls but makes them to you? There is a good chance that she is still interested.

Your ex is coming to see you – After breaking up, keeping in touch through phone calls, emails, Facebook … those things are not so uncommon these days. But an ex who comes to see you physically shows a need that goes beyond casual contact. No matter what kind of friendly facade you’re putting on, there’s no good reason your ex needs to see you unless you work together, go to school together, or are forced to be together through mutual friends. An ex who comes to see you or stops on his way back from somewhere gives off vibes that your connection is still there.

She asks if you’re dating – Every time your ex asks if you are dating someone new, jealousy is involved. She’ll mask this out of sheer curiosity and even act like she wants you to “find the right girl” … but in the end, what she’s doing is testing to see if you’re still available. Either she wants to keep the door to your relationship open or she doesn’t want you to move on with your love life before she has a chance to move on with hers. Either way, if she’s interested enough to ask … it’s a good indication that she still has feelings for you. You can still get it back if you play on those feelings and bring them to the surface.

She acts boring all the time – People hang out with each other because it’s fun. It’s nice to have something to do and someone you love to do it with. If your ex broke up with you and suddenly starts talking about how bored she is, chances are she will give you the green light to ask her out again. Make sure to call her. Don’t take that quote too seriously and don’t go too fast … but if it keeps giving hints that it has nothing to do, your next step should be to suggest something. If she resists and says “We can’t, because we are separated”, she is simply playing games. Don’t chase her, she will keep running. Instead, say “Okay, I’m definitely going out, so I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Then hang up, go out and do something fun without it. Next time, she will accept it.

Your ex starts flirting with you again – Body language is a big part of knowing when someone likes you. If your ex broke things and suddenly starts giving off the old physical signals of closeness, it could be that she’s feeling lonely … or even sexually charged. Flirt and watch where it goes. You have to call her a bluff here, but don’t look desperate. Again, don’t chase your ex. If he’s looking to get back with you, it will happen over time, as long as you’re not oblivious to the signs that your ex wants you back.

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