The difference between a rebound relationship and true love

A good number of people who break up soon form new relationships, and some of them believe that they have found a new love. Is rebound relationship the same as true love? If not, why does he feel like he’s in love? How can you differentiate it from true love then? You may be interested in determining the truth if it is you or your ex who is going through such an experience. The question is challenging due to the fact that there are a lot of gray areas.
Motives, not feelings.
There are a number of reasons that can make a rebound relationship feel like love. A rebound relationship is full of intense emotions, like the ones you would normally experience when you are truly in love. This means that to determine the difference between a rebound relationship and true love, you’ll need to look elsewhere besides the emotions.
Your emotions can be quite intense. However, are you ready to move on and fully immerse yourself in this new relationship? The answer to this question is what is most important. However, it may be quite some time before you know the real answer yourself.
Many rebound relationships come to an end when the partner in a broken relationship decides it’s not time to move on yet. That is when the intense emotions begin to wane.
However, not all relationships that are established after a breakup fall apart. This means that not all of those associations are mere rebound relationships. To determine the truth, you need to seriously ask yourself if you are ready to commit to this new person.
How long should you wait before entering another relationship?
After you’ve broken up with your ex, you may not be interested in just a rebound relationship. If so, is there a suitable period of time that needs to elapse before they start dating once again?
Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as clear cut as you’d like. People are different and respond in different ways. However, basically there is a period when it is too early to start another relationship. Going from a breakup to a new relationship is more likely to end up in a rebound relationship.
The feelings will be very similar to true love, and this is what makes rebound relationships quite harmful. When you later realize that you’re not ready to move on with the new relationship after all, it can be devastating.
This means that the difference between a rebound relationship and true love is in your commitment, not your feelings.

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