There is no contact rule after a breakup: does it really work to get your ex back in your life?

Should you follow the no contact rule after a breakup with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend? The simple answer is yes. No, the biggest problem with this rule is whether it doesn’t work or not. No, the no contact rule works almost always. The real problem with the no-contact rule is that people don’t like it. They think the no contact rule will work for them, but they don’t think this rule will work to get their ex back.

Why does the no contact rule work?

You don’t have to agree with everything I say, but after reading hundreds and hundreds of posts on different forums, there are two main reasons why not having contact with your ex is very effective.

1) It prevents you from saying things that are not true.

When the breakup is recent and you call or visit your ex, you are guaranteed to say nasty things. You will blame or even curse the other person. Not hearing or seeing each other is an ideal way to prevent this. It’s true, be strong and don’t act like a puppy. But saying things you’ll regret will only push your ex further away.

2) He or she will miss you

If you want your ex to come back, you must follow a plan and stick with it. The problem is that more than ninety-five percent of people are doing the exact opposite. They are doing what almost everyone is doing. The truth is, most people don’t get their ex-lover back. Here is a rule if you want to change your life. And this rule can be applied in relationships, health or wealth. If you are doing the same thing over and over again, you will get the same results.

Therefore, calling your ex immediately or shortly after the breakup will only push you further away from him or her. When you don’t call, email or text your ex, they’ll call you. It will work in your situation because your ex is a human being and every human being has a peak of loneliness. For most humans, the peak of loneliness will begin in three weeks, but it can sometimes take longer or go faster.

3) It’s time to get better

The no-contact rule after a breakup is also a great time to work on yourself. The rule itself is a good step in the right direction. But if you think you can win your ex back by being lazy and watching movies and drinking all day, you are wrong.

Work on yourself as much as you can. Go to the gym or learn a new language or learn to play a new instrument. This gives your ex a strong signal that life goes on even without him or her.

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