What are the signs that my ex-girlfriend still loves me?

Mixed signals: they are everywhere.

First she breaks up with you, then she ignores you, and now … now she’s throwing out a bunch of signals? Or is she?

What will an ex-girlfriend do and say when she wants to be with you again? Do you know what body language is giving you the green light? What signs are telling you to back off? Getting back together is tricky … to be successful, you need to know what these signs are and exactly what they mean.

Your ex starts dating in your circle of friends

A girl who left you and wants nothing more to do with you is going to avoid you at all costs. She knows that any contact or communication between you can be misinterpreted, and she does not want to mislead you or give you false hope.

So when do you start hanging out with your friends? Your ex girlfriend is certainly sending some interesting signals. She could be doing this to get closer to you again, or even to spy on your activities. Make sure your friends don’t give you too much information; Even if you are not dating other girls or dating, you still want your ex to worry about these kinds of things. Getting it back is about making yourself desirable again, and as human beings, we always seem to want what we can’t have.

Your ex girlfriend asks for her ‘stuff’ again

If you just broke up, like yesterday or the day before, this phone call may not mean as much. He may be looking to break ties with you and is taking everything he owns out of your place so he doesn’t have to deal with you anymore.

But if this call comes a week or more later? It’s a good sign that your ex is making up an excuse to see you. The value of the item he’s trying to get back from you is also important. If your ex shows up to pick up their TV or laptop, that’s not a great sign. But if you come because you forgot a phone charger or some DVD movie? That’s a hint that she won’t come just for that little thing.

Your ex girlfriend is flirting with you again

Are you going to school with your ex? See her at work or share the same circle of friends? This situation can be difficult, obviously, but it is also a good point of view to judge how he treats you.

In this type of scenario, you want to limit contact with your ex to a simple “hello” or a friendly smile. Anything else should be instigated by her. Be on the lookout for signs that your ex is getting too close to you, spending more time around you, or even starting to flirt with you again. If she’s always happy with you, does she look better or does she touch your arm when she talks to you? She is showing obvious signs of interest. These are not things an ex-girlfriend would do when she no longer wants to have anything to do with you.

She’s always in places that she knows you’ll show up

They went out and met. You know her habits and she knows yours. So what if your ex shows up in the same places you regularly hang out? It’s because he wants to meet you.

Again, a girl who is not interested will avoid her ex boyfriend as much as possible. The fact that he keeps popping up and becoming visible is a sign that he is at least still curious about where you are and what you are doing. And probably about who you’re doing it with.

Your ex hasn’t stopped being friends with you on Facebook

There are lines of communication that remain open even after the breakup, and Facebook or Instagram are two big ones. Losing someone usually means losing that person as a friend or follower, so when has your girlfriend taken away your friendship yet? It’s because she’s still interested enough that she’s using social media to keep up with you.

Don’t take it as a “big” sign or anything like that. It could even mean very little. But the good thing here is that the channels are still open. You can control what your ex-girlfriend sees (or doesn’t see) on your social media page, so you need to be very careful what you put there.

Don’t go out of pity. Don’t spew boring ‘breakup’ song lyrics all over your page, thinking they’ll send you a deep and meaningful message. Do those things and your ex will laugh at you. You will look weak and desperate and very much like an abandoned and rejected ex.

What You Can Do To Make Your Ex Show These Signs

If you are not in contact with your ex yet, there are ways you can get her to start showing these signs. Selecting reconnection techniques can influence the way she sees you, changing her feelings and recreating the atmosphere that both of you felt when you started dating.

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