What fuels the unhealthy relationship and how to overcome relationship problems

Tony strongly pursued Susan even when she was quite serious with another boy, and kept pushing until Susan was convinced.

Most of the time he ignored that she was already involved, and made strategies, whether she understood them or not, to win her over.

Susan left her other relationship and went with Tony.

Susan understands the fact that he cares about her, he informs her of this all the time, however, Susan is afraid to make any decisions on her own unless she hears from him initially as he will be distraught.

Tony is a control freak!

When eager good friends challenged him with evidence from Tony’s’traps’ and other cheating type relationships, Susan still couldn’t end the relationship due to the fact that Tony told her it was all a lie.

A Course in Miracles further states that, “The ego seeks to ‘solve’ its problems, not at their source, but where they were not created.”

Tony said that was not true, that he was faithful to her and that her family and good friends were misinforming her.

The unhealthy relationship is spoiled by the requirement to manage one or the other.

When concern for that individual’s state of mind discourages a relationship or closeness with friends and family, it is surely an unhealthy situation.

In a relationship where one of the partners uses the physical, the psychological or speaks directly to them in a harsh way, to demand cooperation and obedience, it is certainly not healthy.

If someone treats you terribly, or you have a dispute, and your partner doesn’t listen to you, that relationship instantly becomes unhealthy.

Arguments happen in healthy relationships all the time.

Usually, exactly what makes a relationship healthy is the requirement and the act of compromising when differences occur.

I mean, unhealthy relationship is a dangerous thing because they don’t have to be gritty, dirty and full of physical or emotional blows to mark the people who get caught up in them.

Tony and Susan’s example is just one, there are actually many others and for those who have never had the misfortune to find themselves in relationship trouble it is very difficult to understand why anyone would stay in it.

Couple fights can be resolved

Earlier I discussed the free information available on the Internet on how to meet relationship struggles head-on at the root cause where healing can begin.

This is a real example; it’s a circumstance that got worse and worse until most of Susan’s friends never saw her again.

Her family hardly ever saw her without Tony when Tony decided he needed to be in control of the relationship.

His friends were horrified to discover that, for several weeks, Tony had ‘separated’ from Susan, but never let her continue due to the fact that he kept claiming that he really loved her.

Tony used to make Susan feel terrible if she wanted to make her own decisions or plans, or if she did something that didn’t include him.

Tony and Susan shared an extremely unhealthy relationship and it took many, oh, many months for her to even confess to anyone about her discomfort, let alone share exactly what was going on.

Unhealthy relationships occur with our parents, grandparents, friends, people we see on the street that we don’t even know, unhealthy relationships occur in many places, all the time.

Each of these relationships can help us, improve us and make us much better people, as well as simply bring us happiness, when we can learn something to improve our own behavior and attitudes.

Healing is everything and it is very important to realize that we as humans are healing all the time.

Pain, fear, and anger are not and should not be a routine part of any relationship, and if they are, then healing is needed.

Yes, people will feel unlucky and upset through the normal course of things, especially in a dog-eat-dog world, so to speak, if we let it.

Let’s keep in mind that when it is continuous and achieves a level of ‘abuse’, the relationship is not really healthy.

Unhealthy relationships can make us feel unpleasant, unlucky, and scared, and we need to learn how to heal a broken relationship if there is even a glimmer of hope left.

(Note that I also suggest searching the web for more helpful content on things like dismay in a love relationship and the causes of infidelity examined.)

For healing relationships and a happy life!

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