What is the 10th reason you can’t find love?

The #10 reason you can’t find love is because you’re waiting for the magic. It’s amazing when you meet women and they tell you that a man should know what a woman wants. In fact, they say it’s his job to just know. This is how things magically happen. Many women believe that if a man does romantic things, things magically fall into place.

There is no magic in great relationships. I’m also not saying that relationships require a lot of work. I’m saying that a relationship is like everything else in life. You strive to produce the results you want, and you get them.

If you go to work every day and sit on your ass waiting for things to magically happen, you will be fired in no time. Relationships are no different. I have already presented 9 reasons why your relationships fail. Those are just some of the reasons why you can’t find love.

I can go on and on with millions of examples of how you can sit back and wait for the magic. If you sit and wait, what you will produce is nothing. Hollywood has given people a very false sense of reality when it comes to relationships. In a 90 minute movie, the boy meets the girl, the boy chases the girl, gets her, then the boy loses the girl, and then the boy gets the girl back. it’s a movie. Movies never show you what it takes and the effort that both require.

Also, movies use music to elicit emotions. That catches you in the fantasy.

Apart from the movies, you have the fairy tales about Cinderella and Snow White. All the women want to be one of those characters and the men want to be the prince on horseback. Like in the movies, everything happens magically. As long as people use fairy tales and movies as a guide for a relationship, you won’t find love. You will find disappointment.

I know. I know. Some of you say that you still believe in fairy tales. And everything will eventually magically happen. You call yourselves hopeless romantics. Well, I’ve written a book that deals with the reality of creating a great relationship. I’ll be back soon to talk to you. Until then, today was the 10th reason you can’t find love.

Look, I want to see you find love. That is why I am being brutal with many of the barriers and obstacles that prevent you from finding love. You can ignore me at your own risk. Or you can listen and start to open up to new ways of thinking about relationships. I’m back with number 11.

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