What makes a boy fall in love? How to make it burn for you

Have you found a guy you’re really passionate about? Are you falling for him and wondering what makes a guy fall for him? If so, then you definitely won’t want to stop reading. You are about to learn what makes a guy fall for you. First, men like to be with women who are desirable to other men. So learn to enhance your attractiveness by being healthy and dressing your best. Don’t be afraid of him seeing you with other guys. Don’t act in an inelegant way, but let him see that he has competition.

Second, you have to be able to play tough to get him not to scare him, but to let him know that he won’t win you over easily. Men are actually even more attracted to women they think they couldn’t even get.

Third, once you’re officially dating the guy, you don’t want to end up spending every second of every day with him. Yes, it’s wonderful to be around him and get to know him more and more. But you also have to give him space to appreciate you; this is what makes a guy fall in love.

Fourth, if the guy you’re with asks you to join him in a hobby he really loves, you should do it. Even if it’s something that doesn’t necessarily appeal to you, why not give it a try? Men want women who can spend time with them doing all kinds of things, not just being romantic. Now that you know what makes a man fall in love with you, you must go out and do whatever it takes to earn his love.

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