Why does a man disappear after saying I love you?

Doesn’t it feel amazing when a man you really care about finally does what you’ve been dreaming of for weeks and says “I love you” for the first time? It feels like you are in heaven and subconsciously you start to imagine a future with him in it. And for a while, their relationship continues to progress. But suddenly, without warning, he disappears, without texts, calls, emails or instant messages. And for a few days, you rationalize that he’s just busy, but when a week has passed, there’s no denying that he really seemed to run off this time.

What happened? You did something wrong? Why didn’t you see it coming? And above all, how can a man disappear after saying I love you? Was he cheating on you? Was he even telling the truth?

To clarify, there are certainly men who are ‘players’ and will pursue a woman just for the thrill of it. He will do anything to win her over, including saying the words ‘I love you’ and telling her that he wants to marry her and have children with her. However, once he gets what he wants from her, affection from her or sex from her, he will simply walk away and disappear. It really isn’t worth trying to understand these types of men. The best way to avoid a man like this is to understand men better and take it easy. Make sure he shows that she is trustworthy over time, even before you have sex with him.

However, I think most men don’t fall into the ‘player’ category. Most men sincerely want to find a woman to be their partner for life. So why would an average man behave so unkindly: he would disappear after saying that he loves you?

A man is genetically programmed to do everything possible to make a woman happy. And if you’re a woman he likes, he’ll go the extra mile to make you smile and shine. As your relationship progressed, he probably became very happy with you. And out of the blue, often after an intense emotional experience (like sex), he’s suddenly able to say the words “I love you,” because in that moment, he really feels that way.

This is where the confusion begins because the words “I love you” can mean a lot more to a woman than to a man. For a man, he could simply be expressing his current feelings of affection. But for a woman, love often means a desire to have a relationship, something beyond what is happening at the moment.

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