Why is my ex giving me mixed signals? Here are 7 clear ways to find out why they are doing this

Your ex is sending you mixed signals because he’s confused about his own feelings for you, but he’s driving you crazy because you just don’t know how to react. If you hope to get your ex back, this makes your job even more difficult. Read on to understand what these signs mean.

Keep calm
Don’t stress over the situation, mixed signals from your ex are indications that they are still confused or scared about the commitment. Relax and believe in yourself to be able to overcome this difficult phase. Make sure your ex still loves you and will acknowledge their feelings for you.

Your ex is confused
Show their confusion and perhaps in time they will resolve their feelings for you. However, it does mean that they are interested in you because otherwise they would not have bothered to contact you. Show patience for them to discover their confusion for themselves.

Your ex is in regular contact
If your ex calls you regularly, it shows that he has feelings for you and cares about you. Your mind may say that the relationship is over, but deep in your heart you still feel the love that is not easy to ignore. You can be pretty sure that they will eventually come back to you once they understand themselves.

They are not available for some time.
When you’re preparing for their calls, you find them all withdrawn together. You are angry and frustrated with this uncertain behavior, but acknowledge that they need time to clear their thoughts.

Be his friend
For now, don’t think of your ex as more than a friend. Keep doing whatever you are busy with and if you think about dating someone else, talk to your ex and let him know that he is not being sincere. Tell them that you are confused about where this friendship is going.

Things could work
This means that things are fairly open and there is a chance that everything will work out. It gives you the opportunity to discuss and offer new ideas that can improve the relationship. When things are undecided, there is always a chance for improvement.

Give your ex the same treatment
You can do what your ex has been doing and give him the same treatment. Chances are, your ex will get the hint and open up to how he really feels about you.

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