How To Attract A Guy With A Girlfriend – 5 Hot Ways To Get Him To Like You

Now, before you think of me as mean, we’re not here to steal boyfriends. It’s just that there are days when we feel attracted to one — and it’s a shame to realize that he’s already in a relationship. While most girls give up on trying to attract him, I have to say the opposite — guys with girlfriends are still vulnerable. Provided, of course, that he’s really in love with his girl, then I think we’d better back off. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with trying, right? That’s why I’m here with you, to put you on the right track and really to experiment in this small undertaking. Below are some tips on how to attract a guy with a girlfriend — and finally, see if you can get him to like you!

🇧🇷 always be around🇧🇷 Be where he is. It’s good if you already know each other and better if you’re already friends with him — and way much better if you are friends with him long before he has a girlfriend. Take advantage of your status and use it as a way to be together as much as you can.

🇧🇷 Be totally friendly. When he starts talking to you, give him your full attention and let him see that you would be there for him. Being friendly is a prelude to flirting with him, so lose the attitude and let him know he can count on you.

🇧🇷 Talk to him often. It’s okay to get him to talk about his girlfriend – if they had a fight, get him to vent. Everything is fine. Make him see that you understand him. It is very important that you make him feel absolutely comfortable being with you. He will be looking for your company more often now.

* Make it clear that you are single. And available. Ready to mix and blend. This doesn’t mean he should be the only guy you should date. Try to see how he reacts when you date other guys too. See if he starts getting all possessive of you. If he does, it’s a green light, girl. He’s already in love with you. Make him confess first, though.

🇧🇷 Always look and smell good. Be beautiful for him. Show him that you are a confident girl. Take note of the things his girlfriend usually fights with him about and do the opposite. It’s like giving him an option and making him realize that there are other girls out there who might make him happier — namely you.

Knowing how to attract a guy with a girlfriend isn’t necessarily stealing someone else’s boyfriend — it’s more like knowing what you want and how to get it. You’re just living life to the fullest, girl. Just make sure you face the challenges and the consequences. You have to have the guts to go along with this amazing attitude. Have a good time!

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