How to Get a Popular Girl to Like You – Here Are the Keys to Win Her Over Fast

If you’ve got your eye on a popular girl, you’ll have to work hard to impress her. Because it is popular, it has the advantage of being the “prize”. And since she is coveted, you have to work harder to get her attention. But it’s not an impossible task to get a popular girl to like you. All you need is a strategy that works. Here are some great ways to make a girl popular like you.

exudes confidence
For her to notice you, you will have to be very confident. Why would she date a guy who’s a wuss? So work on her confidence and be absolutely self-assured when you’re around her.

be the leader
You will be in the background if you are not the leader. It’s only the leaders that get noticed and it’s only the leaders that get all the popular girls. Immerse yourself in the notion of being in the herd and following a pattern. Define your own methods and make your own notions and let the people around you follow them. Make sure the popular girl is around when all this action is happening.

Don’t mind your surroundings
Have an “I don’t care about anything” attitude around you. Be open and playful with the girl you like and don’t conform to social norms if you want to say something.

Acknowledge it, but that’s it!
You will also have to play some mind games here to get her attention. So when you see this girl just acknowledge her and nothing else. Make her feel like yes, she’s popular, but you’re not crazy about her.

Don’t overdo the compliments
Be civil and polite to her and give her a quirky compliment or two, but don’t overdo it. Being popular, she is used to being praised. What she’s not used to is being ignored. So if you want her to be attracted to you, compliment her and then ignore her. When you challenge her position, that’s when you get her attention.

Dressed to kill
You’ll also have to look like a good package… one worth chasing if you want to attract a girl you like. So look the part and dress to kill.

Don’t be a recluse
You might not be the most popular guy in the world, but being a complete recluse isn’t going to help. Look like a fun guy who has friends and you’ve got a popular girl making advances towards you.

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