How to impress a girl – secret tips every man should know

It’s a shame that many guys don’t have the basic art of how to impress a girl. They do it from all the wrong angles that divert interest from the girl they are chasing. You have to know that approaching and impressing a girl is an art that is learned, developed and cultivated.

Although girls have different preferences and tastes when it comes to choosing a man, there are common things that they all consider before accepting a man’s proposal. Therefore, it is mandatory for every man to have general knowledge about what women look for in order to get a ticket to their hearts. Do you have a dream girl that you’ve been chasing all along to no avail? Start a new chapter by reading the tips below on how to impress a girl without appearing fake or desperate.

Let your personality shine

Many girls have prioritized a man’s good personality at the top of their list as the main thing they are looking for. Having a great, admirable, good personality that she can relate to is a plus when it comes to dating. Some of the top personality issues girls look for in a guy include:

  • Good Conversation Skills: As a man who wants to impress a girl on your first date or even throughout your courtship period, you should hone your conversation skills when you’re with her. Avoid talking too much about things that a girl doesn’t care about, as this creates the impression that you don’t value her interests. Also, engage her in your conversations by asking her opinion on your dreams, ambitions, etc. However, make sure you don’t object to her suggestions, as she might think you’re too inconsiderate. Third, don’t show off, as a girl might think you’re an arrogant type of guy that women don’t like at all.
  • Have fun and be playful: Girls fall for funny guys so easily. So, try to be humorous and make her laugh, while making sure the jokes you’re making don’t have a negative impact on her appearance or anything else in her life.
  • Always compliment her: Women love it when their hair, eyes, face, and anything about their body is complimented. Always do this whenever you are around her and she will always want to be around you all the time.

Always Pay Attention

A lot of men don’t know that paying attention is one of the big tips on how to impress a girl. Girls like and fall in love with a man who shows that he is so involved with them and is ready to listen to them. Don’t try to get busy texting your smartphone or calling everyone when you’re around her, because that might make her think you care more about her phone than her. It’s also good to avoid looking at another girl while you’re around her, because if she senses that, her mind will automatically think you’re losing interest in her, which will definitely work against you.

Get out of your comfort zone

Now let’s see how to impress a girl by stepping out of your comfort zone. Winning a girl’s heart has never been an easy task and a man has to work smartly to achieve this goal. Try to paint her portrait with signs of love all over it. Give it to her during a special occasion, like her birthday. You could also write a song about her with her name as your main idea. Praise her in the song and talk about how lucky you are to have known such a queen. Also, you can write a letter to express her feelings so that when she reads your feelings, her heart melts and misses a beat. By doing this you will definitely have an edge to win her over no matter what competition you are facing, not every man can do this.

beware of your appearance

Remember that first impressions last, which means you should look well-groomed and presentable. Trim your beard in an attractive style and shave your hair in a way that makes you look attractive. Avoid bad breath or body odor that puts her off. Thus, you have to be both physically attractive and mentally stimulating to force a girl to sacrifice her time for you. Put on clothes that fit you comfortably and make you feel comfortable. To smell fresh, use cologne or a deodorant that smells good, although the scent should be non-allergenic for many people.

You don’t have to try very hard to impress the girl of your dreams. You don’t need money or diamond rings to impress a girl, just simple tips like having a good personality, listening, stepping out of your comfort zone for her sake, and being good looking. The above tips and tricks on how to impress a woman can go a long way and I highly recommend them.

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