How to Make a Girl Love You – 3 Important Things You Should Know

Are you looking for methods to make a girl love you? Sometimes when it seems like you’ve done the right things, it just didn’t work out for you. A lot of men get discouraged because they just don’t know how to make a girl love them, and that makes their life miserable.

Most people will advise men to try to become Mr Perfect, and women will surely love them. They advise that you should become a sensitive and sweet guy. You will need to buy her things and make her feel “unique and special”. On the other hand, if all these things worked well and you’ve tried all these things, then why can’t you still make a girl fall in love with you?

That kind of advice sounds fantastic, but it can’t help you in the love game. Instead, you need to do some research and find out what are the key elements that help attract a girl to you.

The following is what you should know to make a girl love you:

1. She has to be excited to see you.

You shouldn’t start running to her when she calls you. Occasionally keep your distance from her and do whatever you want. Of course, there are times when you have to be there for her.

2. You must make a girl feel sexual tension.

Most men don’t have a lot of problems when they want to make a girl feel affection. However, affection does not necessarily result in love. A friendly relationship can develop, but not the kind of love relationship you want. You must be able to make her feel sexual tension whenever you are together with her. This will make her love you a lot.

3. She has to feel pleasure and excitement whenever she is with you.

I would like to point out that for many guys, the biggest mistake they make when courting a girl is always being boring. When she sees you as a boring guy, no matter how ‘cool’ you are, chances are she doesn’t want to be with you. So how can she love you when she doesn’t want to be with you? You must bring some joy and excitement into her life if you want to make her love you.

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