Signs She’s Just Playing With You – Find out the signs she wants to cheat on you

Some women don’t earn the title of “cats” for nothing! These are the women who take advantage of men and they like it. There are signs that will tell you if a woman is messing with you and as a smart man you need to be aware of what those signs are. No one likes to be interpreted as the disappointment and emotions we feel as men are real. And, it is extremely disappointing. Remember, if you’re getting these signs, start looking for a woman elsewhere.

These Are The Signs She’ll Show If She’s Playing With You

She plays hard to get: When a woman plays hard to get, most of the time it’s because she’s not interested in you. If you have someone you’re interested in at the office who seems to like a little attention and possibly gifts, but is never available for lunch or happy hour after work, this is a sure sign that she’s playing games with you and taking advantage of you.

She Wants Without Giving: When a woman is receptive to your generosity but not receptive to your love and doesn’t show you love or affection in return, this is another sure sign that she’s messing with you.

Flirt with other men: When a woman flirts with other men it is a sign that she is playing with you. If you were really in her heart, she wouldn’t be interested in flirting, no matter who the man was. If your woman flirts with men, say no, you don’t appreciate it and if it doesn’t stop, you’ll be finding a new woman! Or realize that she might just be messing with you!

Easily distracted: Do you find that when you talk to the woman she is easily distracted? This is a clear sign that she is playing with her man when she doesn’t keep her interest in him.

Can go long periods without talking to you: If you think a woman can go long periods without talking to you, she’s kidding you. Women like attention, love and affection, especially when they are involved in a romance.

As a man, it’s hard to admit that you’re being lied to. We like to be the ones in control and the ones with the upper hand. However, if you feel like you’re being lied to, consider yourself first and get out of the relationship while you’re young.

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