The 3 most powerful tips that show how to seduce a woman and leave her enchanted for a lifetime

You can successfully seduce any woman as long as you know you want her and that she is into you herself. Even if she isn’t, you can still seduce her and you’ll get what you want with any woman you want and successfully seduce a woman with the techniques you’ll discover in this article.

1) The first technique is star power.

You will begin to become effective at seducing a woman by learning to lock eyes with her often. Eye contact sends a lot of messages to a woman and is a very powerful power to successfully seduce any woman for you. So, get your message across to her as soon as possible and avoid going too far in the seduction game because it might embarrass her. You don’t really want to do this. You’ll know when she got the message when she looks at you for that long or gives you a shaky smile or she just looks away and turns away. You can then move on to the next… technique.

2) Smile or give her an attractive smile.

If she gives it back, you’ve won her heart and are now on the same page. Once you get this far, the rest is just as easy and provocatively sweet.

3) You have to smell good at all times

This is a good seduction trick because when you smell good, she wants to get closer and closer to you. So always use a good spray. Avoid ones with a lot of smell because some people are allergic to sprays, you don’t want to spoil it at this stage. Just apply the right proportion.

Conversation cannot be neglected in seduction. You must learn to intentionally twist your words and create good lines. Use words that might imply another meaning and get her thinking in another direction by asking if you said that on purpose and if that’s really what you have in mind. Offer a compliment or two during the conversation.

You can compliment her outfit, her makeup, her heart-shaped face, or even her good legs. But be careful not to make seduction a one-night stand. She might not really believe this and it might screw up the whole game plan.

So keep the length of the seduction a little mysterious for her.

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