Tips for Getting a Girl – What Every Lonely Guy Needs to Know About Getting a Girl

Tired of those lonely nights watching TV or movies? Sad for not having anyone to celebrate your achievements with? Tired of not being able to go out with friends because it’s couples night out? Have you ever wanted to ask someone out, but never had the courage to do so for fear of rejection? Well, here are some simple tips to get a girl:

1. Cleanse yourself. Contrary to what you might think, women like guys who not only look clean, but smell clean. You don’t have to buy a fancy shirt or suit. Just something that would look good on you. Find something that works for you. Not everything you see on TV and in magazines would fit you. If you can find someone, preferably a girl, to help you find what looks best on you, don’t hesitate to ask. Looking good not only helps you get noticed, but it also helps boost your confidence.

2. Get your life in order. Nobody likes a guy who doesn’t have a job or has a lot of excess baggage. There is no need to involve her in your problems. She might have enough up her sleeves.

3. Know who you are. This may be the single most important tip for getting a girl. Know what you like and dislike at all. Knowing these things would help you look for a girl you could get along with.

4. Find a girl. Among millions of women around, there might be someone perfect for you. Don’t hesitate to talk to women you’re attracted to. It’s the best way to know if you’ll want to ask her out.

5. Be careful what you say. Girls get turned off when guys look like pompous assholes. There is no need to brag and exaggerate everything you say. If there’s anything she needs to know about you, she’ll ask. Focus on talking about her. Show interest in her and what she does. Just be careful not to look like someone about to stalk you (even though you probably do).

6. Be patient. Don’t ask every girl you know just on a whim. Getting girls is hard work, and you have to expect rejection sometimes. A lot of talking and flirting will certainly be done before you get a girl. Just remember not to be pushy and annoying. Don’t bother her every five minutes or go everywhere she goes pretending to bump into her. Just pick a time and place to hang out with her. Try to keep up with her on the things she likes.

7. Watch where you place your hands. There is a distinct boundary between being a gentleman and being a pervert. You have to respect her and her space. From time to time she will push and shove and touch you. You cannot reciprocate in kind unless you are absolutely sure she will allow it.

8. Make her notice you. Women like guys who make them laugh and who they can talk to. Be that guy, but be careful not to fall into the “friend zone”. Make it clear in your actions that you like her. Make her comfortable when she’s with you.

Follow these tips on how to get a girl and in no time you’ll be with someone.

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