Chronic back pain relief

Many patients I see in my chiropractic practice have back pain. Some people have sudden, short-term discomfort. This is called acute pain. However, some people have constant back pain for years or experience frequent episodes of long-term pain. This is called chronic pain. Although the pain may exist for many years, it can be treated and relieved. This article will discuss chronic spinal pain and approaches to lessen this very common condition.

When I see a patient with chronic spinal pain, three areas of consideration can be addressed.

First, we look at a person’s body weight. The joints of the spine are called facet joints. The spinal discs are like cushions or cushions between the spinal bones called vertebrae. The more weight we put on the discs and joints of the spine, the greater the chance that these deeper anatomical structures will begin to fail and cause pain. In fact, when we look at x-rays of the spine we see real signs of wear and tear or degeneration. The discs wear down and appear as “bone on bone”. The disk gap will show a reduction in height as the disk wears. We will also see a buildup of calcium in areas of the spinal vertebrae known as “bone spurs.”

The obvious solution is to help overweight or obese patients lose a reasonable amount of weight. Although I do not offer weight loss programs in my office, it is very easy for the patient to follow a safe and reliable program. I personally like that patients participate in a ketogenic type plan to address body weight challenges.

A second area of ​​consideration that needs to be addressed to reduce chronic spinal pain is introducing appropriate body movement. Anyone who has to sit for long hours intuitively knows that if they get up and walk around for a while, they feel better. When muscles, ligaments, and joints move safely and reasonably, they send signals to the brain that naturally reduce and reduce pain signals. If a person can walk comfortably, this is by far the best exercise to reduce chronic back pain. However, if walking is not possible, swimming, stationary bicycling, or water aerobics are acceptable activities.

The third aspect to address for back pain relief is the proper alignment and movement of the spine. Chiropractic care is the gold standard for helping with chronic spinal pain. Chiropractors use spinal adjustments, sometimes called spinal manipulation, to restore proper alignment and motion to the facet joints of the spine. Adjustments help reduce chronic irritation of the facet joints and spinal nerves. For 125 years, chiropractic physicians have been able to help chronic back pain sufferers achieve pain reduction and relief.

Anyone seeking long-term relief from chronic back pain can use one or all of the above approaches to wellness.

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