Cutting the Sugar on the Mexican Grill

Oh, we know that sugar is delicious. There’s a reason Americans consume it in spectacular amounts every year. The problem is that the things that are the most delicious are also the worst for you. One of the best ways to round out your gourmet meal at the Mexican grill is to order a sweet and refreshing fruit lemonade that takes away the heat and adds a bit of flavor to your taste buds. But a glass of sweetened lemonade can have hundreds and hundreds of calories, even more than a can of Coke. So even if you choose the healthier grilled chicken enchiladas at the Mexican grill, you’ll still walk away with a whole load of extra calories that you just didn’t need to take in.

However, there are great alternatives to sugar, and we don’t mean the chemical kind: there is a natural sweetener that will change the way you think about sugar (and improve your health, too!). Your friendly Mexican grill owners probably know this because it’s been a staple food south of the border for years.

It’s called Stevia, and it’s an herb commonly known as “the sweet leaf of Paraguay.” The indigenous peoples of Paraguay, Bolivia, and Brazil have been reaping the rewards of Stevia for centuries. And today we know that it is one of the best natural sweeteners that exist.

Stevia is actually about 300 times sweeter than sugar, with no carbs, no calories, and no weird aftertaste. But it can still be used by people who are sensitive to sugar, such as diabetics. It can reduce your sugar intake, it can be used in baking, and it can help your dental health, not to mention your overall health.

Regulate blood sugar

Stevia is not like sugar or artificial sweeteners. It is unique in that it does not increase blood sugar levels. And that means it doesn’t trigger an insulin response in your body. Research actually shows that Stevia actually increases your overall sugar tolerance. And that means it’s the best sweetener for people with diabetes or prediabetes.

control obesity

Sugar is high in calories with no nutritional value to back it up, and it’s also easy to overeat. So replacing sugar with Stevia should be a home run when it comes to good health and weight management. Even better than that: The research found that when subjects ate stevia instead of sugar before meals, they consumed significantly less when they finally ate.

improve your smile

What is the main cause of dental caries? Of course it’s sugar! Since Stevia is sugar free, right off the bat it is a better alternative for your teeth. More importantly, Stevia stops the growth of Streptococcus mutans, which is the nasty bacteria that forms dental plaque.

get your vitamins

Sugar has no nutritional value, but Stevia has plenty. It will fill you with vitamin C and A, rutin, zinc, magnesium and iron. Plus, it’s rich in antioxidants, which reduce dangerous free radical damage.

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