Does cheating on the candida diet lead you back to ground zero?

In this article, I will show the effects of cheating on the candida diet or the yeast-free diet, based on a request from my friend. He cheated a bit by eating mustard containing vinegar and a dish made with soy sauce. However, he has never cheated on sugar or yeast, as he considers them the worst things you can eat. The times he cheated on the small amount of fermented food, he didn’t notice any ill effects. You also wonder what would happen if you eat something like nut butter, which is allowed in the diet, and then you have a reaction. Essentially starting over?

I can tell that the little traps add up. Cheating all the time is not a healthy approach. Recognize that some things are better than others. For example, a little fermented material is better than pure carbohydrates and sugar for food. Stay away from anything that gives you a reaction that you can identify, and you should know that some reactions are internal things that you won’t even notice.

Does cheating take you back to ground zero? It probably isn’t. It could, but if you are making constant improvements it will only set you back a bit. Look at it this way. If you are almost successful in eradicating a yeast problem and then feed that yeast, it will repopulate because it is already weakened. So while you may have lost one and are fifteen short, you are now back at sixteen. However, I think it is more complicated than that. They may have recovered from the attack and are energized to deal more damage.

It is an individual decision. A huge chocolate chip cookie eases your despair in a way that no security detail can. And since it would set you back as well, you need to live healthier and try not to cheat as hard as you can.

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