How long does the Medifast diet last?

Recently, someone asked me, in part, “How long does a person usually stay on the Medifast diet? How long does the food they provide last?” People often ask these types of questions when they have an upcoming major event that they are anticipating. They often try to lose a specific amount of weight over a specific period of time. In the following article, I will try to explain a typical timeline of this diet.

For most people, the Medifast diet lasts long enough for you to achieve your weight loss goals: First of all, no compromise is required on this diet. You don’t have to sign a contract or anything like that. You basically just do your food shopping while you feel like you still have some weight that you want to lose.

I have met people who have only lost about ten pounds and a monthly pack was all that was needed to reach this goal. Other people who have more weight to lose can follow the diet a little longer. Of course, the company suggests that you consult your doctor before making these decisions. But generally speaking, the estimates you often see are around 2 to 5 pounds of weight loss per week for the first few weeks as typical. And it’s my observation that people at the higher end of this range tend to be diligent about their “lean green food” and are willing to add some kind of movement to burn more calories faster. Using these numbers, most people can estimate how long they can expect to stay on the diet.

Medifast offers many different packages depending on your goals and the products stay fresh for quite a long time: Most people who have more than 10 pounds to lose will find it more profitable to choose one of the monthly packages. They sell the meals individually and also offer a two week package, but most people decide that it is cheaper to go for the package that offers food for 28 days. (This package, along with the coupons, will generally reduce the cost of food quite a bit.)

Once you reach your weight loss goals, Medifast has a maintenance program where you gradually begin to move towards a regular diet once again. This helps ease the process to give you the best chance of keeping the weight off once and for all.

Sometimes when people ask how long the diet lasts, they ask about the shelf life of the food. The company’s guidelines state that powdered foods have a “best used by” date of approximately 18 months. The “best before date” for shakes and bars is 12 months. However, the company claims that food generally does not spoil or spoil on these dates. It simply means that the vitamins and minerals may have lost some of their potency. But most people don’t put down their food for that long. Most people feel that it is best to go ahead and consume the products in the month after they are received to make sure they are as fresh as possible.

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