Nutrisystem Diet Foods: An Overview of Flavor, Variety, and Typical Options Available

Most people are at least somewhat familiar with this prepackaged diet now endorsed by Jodie Sweeten (Stephanie Tanner in Full house.) After all, the company spends a lot of money paying celebrities like Jillian Barberie, Tori Spelling, Marie Osmond and Danielle Fishel to familiarize the general public with this weight loss system.

Thanks to Jillian Barberie, most of us know that we can eat pizza, burgers, and chocolate on the plan, but what we don’t know is what the food actually tastes like. I have tried almost everything. In this article, I will share what I think are the best tests of foods that I generally avoid.

Overall Taste Impression of Nutrisystem Foods: First off, I have to say that overall I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the offerings. It’s hard to know what to expect from the pre-packaged food that requires very little preparation, but most of it is surprisingly decent and some of it is pretty good.

Foods that taste pretty good: Now, about the foods that I think are the best that the plan offers:

The Nutrisystem Breakfast Foods: (carbs included): I admit that my biggest concern about any diet is what I eat for breakfast. Not everyone realizes that it is actually a low-carb diet. The foods are designed to be low in calories and carbohydrates and high in protein. While this is good news because ketosis and the high-protein mechanism that encourages your body to burn its own fat is generally effective for most people, eating meat, eggs, and nuts all the time is difficult for most.

One great thing about this diet is that it includes carbohydrates and snack-type foods and is packed with decent breakfast options. A good example is cereals, such as: NutriFrosted (something like Frosted Flakes); NutriFlakes (a bit like Raisin Bran); and NutriCinnamon Squares (reminds me of Cinnamon Life).

There are also pancakes, a phenomenal blueberry muffin (my favorite), and oatmeal. And yes, there are plenty of protein-packed eggs out there, too, but they’re pretty decent and you can top them with fat-free cheese or vegetables to make an omelet.

Desserts and Snacks: Nutrisystem offers more than 30 desserts and snacks to choose from. Dessert options include white chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake, almond biscotti, and strawberry cupcakes. Snacks include sour cream and onion chips, nachos, and pretzels, to name just a few. No, these don’t taste exactly like their whole counterparts, but they’re mostly surprisingly decent and get the job done when you’re craving something sweet, salty, or crunchy.

Nutrisystem Dinners: The dinner menu is where the company puts all the comfort foods Jillian Barberie plugged in, like pizza, mac and cheese, lasagna, fajitas, tacos, and chili. Again, these don’t exactly taste like fast or junk food, but they are better than she expected them to be. The dinner items I don’t care about are the beef steak, roast beef, and beef stew options, but frankly, I don’t like these options in everyday life either.

Foods I don’t like: That’s why I chose the “I want to select my own menu” option when ordering. There is a subset of the foods that I think is missing, which is:

Nutrisystem Lunch Foods: While I enjoy some of the lunch offerings (fettuccini alfredo and cheese tortellini), the company primarily offers soups and stews for their lunch. Some examples are bean soup with ham, black bean soup, and chicken and barley stew. As you can tell, I’m not a fan of soup, so this limits my options. To be fair, there are other options like chicken a la king and pasta with beef. There are also very nice desserts for lunch such as chocolate raspberry and graham bars.

I usually fix this by simply eating/ordering the foods for breakfast and dinner that I enjoy for lunch. This may be cheating, but it hasn’t skewed my results and makes sticking to the plan much easier. The good news is that Nutrisystem lets you choose your own foods on your package so you don’t get stuck with foods you don’t like.

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