What is the difference between Nutrisystem’s regular core program and your Silver program?

Recently a 55-year-old woman contacted me and asked if there were any real differences between the Nutrisystem Women’s Basic Plan and the Silver Plan. He was wondering if there was any advantage to opting for the silver plan, which is intended for older adults. I’ll tell you what I told you when I bought food and cost in the next article.

The Nutrisystem Silver plan is for men and women and is designed for people 65 and older: This program is not just for women. There is also a version of this for men. And there seems to be a perception that the senior plan is premium or costs more, but in reality it is not. The basic plan starts at $ 299 and the silver plan is no different. The price is the same.

The company’s literature states that the plan is intended for people over the age of 65. However, I am sure that you can use your own discretion and knowledge of your own situation to decide which one is best for you. All women’s plans share some of the same foods. The main difference between these two is that one omits some of the food that the other contains, which I will discuss below.

The Nutrisystem Senior Plan omits some of the foods from the Basic Plan: Generally speaking, the vast majority of foods between the two plans are the same. However, to point out the exact differences between the two, I printed out the meal plans for each. What I found was that the basic program offers you only a few more foods.

Therefore, some of the carbohydrate, acidic, and spicy foods have been removed from the senior menu. Specifically, to my understanding of both menus, the silver plan does not contain the following foods (which are included in the basic plan): banana nut muffin; mashed potatoes with cheese; tomato soup; Mexican tortilla soup; and buffalo wing pretzel sticks.

You still get the same amount of food on the Nutrisystem Silver menu. Do not pay more: Some people have told me that they perceive that because some of the options are omitted from the senior menu, this is more expensive because there is less food.

This is not true. You are getting the same number of meals, enough for 28 days. He is given enough to eat five meals a day. Since this plan skips some of those spicy foods I mentioned, then you get more of something else. And you still have over 100 foods to choose from, so there is still plenty of variety. You can still choose from 28 breakfast items (for example, pancakes, scones, and muffins). There are still 23 options for lunch (macaroni, tortellini, and hot dog). And there are 42 options for dinner (like pizza, fajitas, and sweet and sour chicken). There are no less than 35 sandwiches and desserts to choose from, including carrot cake, strawberry shortcake, and pretzels. In short, you must have more than enough foods to choose from.

As I said, these two programs are the same price (starting at $ 299, depending on the shipping method you choose) and since both programs are part of the bundles, you can use some of the higher value coupons with these. Some people have told me that the silver plan is considered a la carte (no coupons allowed). Again this is not exact, both plans are bundles and you can use coupons for both.

As you can see, there are only slight differences between the two. The one you choose is your choice, but you’re not missing a lot with the senior menu.

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