7 Secrets to Musical Success and Financial Success in Music

Let’s be honest! It is not easy to make a living as a musician. Music is one of those things that many people think they are good at and that is why there are amateurs who compete against professionals for the musical jobs available.

Here’s the good news: the reason so many musicians don’t make a sustainable living is because they aren’t aware of the many opportunities available to a musician. Let’s see some:

Recording: Do you have a talent for using recording technology? Recording equipment is cheap for the hobbyist but very few can really do it well. Hone your skills, take a few workshops, and gain some experience, and this could be a great way to live.

Critical: Newspapers, blogs and other media outlets are looking for critics to go to concerts and write reviews of the latest musical acts. If you love music and have exceptional writing skills, this could be a job for you.

Repair: If you’re good with your hands, musical instrument repair technicians are always needed and this job transcends all of music. Guitars, keyboards, amps, trumpets and drums break and for the hundreds of thousands of young children who play instruments and take music lessons but haven’t learned how to care for them properly, repair technicians are always busy.

Performer: This is a challenging race because it is an area where amateurs compete against professionals. This also serves to reduce the price a professional musician can earn. Most recommend having these skills and doing it alongside something with a more sustainable source of income.

Editor: With the amount of music being written thanks to easy-to-use software, publishers are busier than ever. Publishers need sales professionals, executives, and other business-minded people who can keep low-margin publishers maximizing profits. And online publishing is also a huge and growing field, offering blogs like Piano Chords & Chord Progressions, which offers online piano lessons.

Copyists/orchestrators: Are you near studios that produce television and film productions? Often this music needs copyists and orchestrators to quickly prepare the music for studio musicians to perform and record. Because this usually happens within hours, you need to be able to work under qualifying deadlines and in a high-stress environment, but most report that the job is challenging.

Education: If you enjoy working with young people, probably the most consistent and sustainable life is to be a music educator in a public school. While the number of jobs in this field fluctuates, as most know, government jobs are some of the most stable and a public school pays a good salary and offers great benefits as well. Too often, private teachers make a good living giving piano lessons and other types of music instruction.

There are other careers that work perfectly for someone who wants to work with music every day. Don’t pigeonhole yourself into thinking that the only thing you can do is play in a band if you’re a musician. The market offers you many options.

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