Autism diagnosis? Forget it!

Autism! PS us! Asperger syndrome! ADHD! High performance! Low running! Delayed! Hearing these words about your child can be overwhelming. They can devastate you to the core. The good news is you DON’T HAVE TO! Let me tell you why.

No matter. That’s how it is. It just doesn’t matter. If you really want to help your child, read on. I’m serious. Don’t be like the thousands who wish they had “lived” this concept before.

Imagine for a moment that you have a newborn. He is simply perfect. When he is two years old, his fingers are so long that they look strange. You go to a famous doctor and ask “What’s wrong with my son? Why are his fingers so long?” The doctor smiles and says, “Your son has a condition called spindle fingers. He has a natural gift for playing musical instruments. Many dream of having this talent.”

You are absolutely thrilled and can’t wait to share the news. You rush home but on the way you stop to buy a toy xylophone, piano, drum kit and flute. He sets them down on the floor when he gets home and watches with pride as his child touches each one. You don’t care if others think it just sounds like noise. You have a budding musician on your hands and he is practicing!

As the months go by you encourage your child to play instruments. He gets a little older and expresses his preference for the piano. You take it to piano lessons, listen to famous pianists, and maybe even go to concerts. You explain to your son that his fingers are long because he has a talent for playing the piano. Your son plays the piano beautifully. He is proud of his fingers and his talent. You are proud of your son.

You meet the doctor a few years later. She proudly tells him about her son’s piano skills. He smiles broadly and says, “I made it all up. There is no such thing as a condition called spindle fingers.” “What?” you yell “that’s impossible. My son is an excellent player”.

“Of course it is,” says the doctor, “It’s called belief. You believed in your son’s fingers. You believed in his talent. greatness. His son felt his belief. He saw it in his eyes. He felt it run through his being. It inspired him. Every time he looked at his long fingers, he thought of his talent. He was proud of himself. He knew that he could do it. Your unwavering faith inspired him to be the best he can be.”

My advice to you is this. Forget boxes and labels. Ignore the judgments. Your son is fascinating. His son is a unique and wonderful being who is incredibly special. Give him the tools. Cheer him on his journey. Never lose faith in him. Stand next to him. Teach him all you can. Watch in delight as he soars far beyond everyone’s expectations. That of everyone except yours and that of all those who joined your belief along the way!

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