Music recitals: how to organize a recital for your music studio

  1. Select music: A few months before the recital, help the students choose what they will play at the recital. The recital pieces must really interest the student and motivate him to continue playing. Consider a topic; for example, have several students play a piece by Mozart or a particular style such as ragtime. Or choose more than one topic and group students by topic.
  2. Consider how the recital will flow: Will it be too long (say, more than 2 hours?). You may need to divide the students into two or more groups. Decide whether to introduce each student or have them introduce themselves. Consider giving out special awards or recognition at the end.
  3. Select a site: Some obvious places to hold a recital include churches, libraries, and school auditoriums or music halls. Some music stores also have room for recitals. While some of these options can be expensive, you may be surprised how little some organizations will charge for the use of their space for a recital. Ask around you: where do other teachers in your area go for their recitals? Some students may even be willing to organize the recital in their own home. Make sure the space has enough room for everyone or your students, with all the equipment you need (a piano, sound system, etc.).
  4. Select a date: Weekends tend to be a busy time for families, so try to spend a weekday evening. Ask your students which night would be best for them. Make sure to schedule well in advance.
  5. Calculate costs: Calculate the total cost to you (site rental, programs) and decide on a recital fee. Your time is valuable too, so consider adding additional costs to offset your work.
  6. Inform your students: As soon as you have a location, time, and fee, inform all of your students via email and newsletter. Remind everyone again about 3 weeks after the recital.
  7. Print a program: Anyone can create a simple program on their home computer or take it to a printer for a more professional look. Be sure to also hand out business cards or other information about the lessons – a recital is a great time to promote your study!

Remember to have fun too.

Good luck!

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